In Loving Memory of Dear Poppy 2005 ~ 2019

This week we have received some very sad news. Our dear friend Poppy fell asleep on Monday 21st October and the angels came to take her to rainbow bridge.

Pops on Paddy’s bed July

I first met Poppy and her owner Cath when I was home delivery driver for Just for Pets in 2015. I was like so many people taken firstly be her lovely colouring but also by her lovely calm friendly nature. Just like Paddy Poppy was friendly to one and all so it was no surprise when Paddy met her they became friends.

After I had finished working in 2017 I kept in touch and paddy and I would visit. We took Poppy to visit Santa at Daybreak’s kennels last Christmas and had been looking forward to doing the same this year.

Sadly age had caught up with dear Poppy in recent months and she needed lots of medication to keep a heart condition at bay. It still came as a shock to receive the sad news on Thursday as she was such a special dog.


Run free at the bridge Poppy. Don’t worry we will see your mommy is ok and stay in touch. We will all miss you so much,you were such a lovely girl in every way and we will never forget you. I always loved the way you checked all the delivery bags and then waited for the extra treat I always got you from the shop.

Love always

Alan and Paddy xx

Elevin Not Out

Dear Frends,

I know I haz not posted anyfing for sum time but I haz been very bizzy over recent munths,not leest movin house to the countryside and generally havin fun running up and down me new gardin. Fear not as I iz fine and happy.

Today duz be a spechul day az I iz elevin yeers old today. Thiz morning I woz greeted by songs of happy berfday to you deer Paddy but the noize didz remind me of when we greyhounds duz do rooin!!

Then I didz have me sardine berfday cake it woz yummy and I didz get lots of pieces wiv me brekfast too. Thank you to everyone who haz sent me berfday wishes today but I fink I’ll do what I alwayz do and sleeps hupside down on me sofa. Itz whot I duz bestest

Luvs Paddy xx


In Loving Memory


1st September 2009 ~ 16th April 2019


Its with a sad heavy heart we have to say that our beautiful brave girl Spritz has crossed to rainbow bridge on 16th April 2019.

About 2 weeks ago we noticed that she had gone lame and didn’t want to walk far. We hoped this was down to her getting older and maybe overdoing things a bit recently. A trip to the vets and still no improvement so x-rays were required to find out what was going on. We collected her from the vets last Friday (12th) to get the devastating news that poor Spritz had bone cancer in her right hip.

We made her as comfortable as we could with painkillers but she went downhill over the weekend. The last kind act we could do for her was to help across rainbow bridge to run pain free with all her friends. Her ashes will be laid to rest at the memorial garden at Daybreaks kennels Solihull.

Dear Spritzy, when we adopted you we looked forward to giving you a happy loving home for years to come not just four months but we have lots of memories from that time. Thank you for all the fun times we had together and for being such a beautiful happy loving girl, we are all missing you so much. You have been so brave over the last week but this was one battle too many. Run now pain free with all those who have gone before, we just hope you get better luck at the bridge. Until we meet again sleep tight darling xx

Fings Are Lookin Up (by Paddy)

My new PA Spritz haz been wiv me a munth now alreddy and the changes in our house are remarkabul. Thiz iz not to say there woz anyfing wrong  but I haz noticed more effishunt runnin of me biznis affairz and fings.

Wivin a week of Spritz arrivin I didz note a more regimentel order so to speek. Me walks was on time, me dinner woz never late,before it could be 5 minutes past dinner time before me yummies appeered…scandlous! Treets iz on tap wiv minimul beggin required.

Even better I told Spritz to take over me orderin of supplies etc and wow what a supa job she didz do. In no time I noted a fully stocked treet cupboard, more treets in the kitchen draw in case we duz fancy a snack or three (which we duz). The uther day the door bell didz ring and it woz the nice man in the red coat wiv a parcil. Spritz didz wink to me and I duz be a bit confuzed at first. Then I didz notice the parcil woz a case of top quality Lily’s kitchen foodies and itz yummy.

After me dinner Spritz didz tell me she ordered it for us and didz also make sure regular items are noted on the shoppin list,fings like chicken and beef slices and me favorit bisgits. I duzn’t know how I haz managed without her all thiz time.

Paddy and Spritz xxx

All Signed up (by Spritz)

Well its all official now, I’m all signed up and adopted now. It was very cold at the kennels waiting to sign on the dotted line. I’m now starting my new life as Paddy’s personal assistant.

My first job was to sort out his daily agenda and it reads like this.

7:30 am Walk for wee wees then snoozing

8:30 am Gourmet Breakfast (for 2) then long snoozing

11:00 am Check my blog stats then walks for wee wees etc

11:15 am Biscuits and treats with milk

11:30 am Long snoozing

4:00 pm 5 star dinner and gravy bone afters (for 2) then long snoozing with the odd satisfied after dinner belch!

7:30 pm Evening walks for wee wees etc then long snoozing

10:15 pm Bed time wee wees then ZzZzZz….Repeat!

Posing for Daybreaks Diary,my official adoption 4th January 2019

I’m arranging some engagements for us soon,stayed tuned.

Byes for now

Spritz and Paddy xxx

My Temporary Secritary (by Paddy)

Dear all,

Az you knowz I iz gettin older now and bein a famous bloggin hound it iz hard work at times inbetween bein famous for only havin one ear. I didz fink it woz time I didz have a new personal assistant to helpz me wiv me workload. I didz contact Paw Temps at Daybreaks and they sendz me Miss Spritzy to help me for a week or maybe more.

I’ve had Miss Spritzy here since 23rd of December and she is a very experienced PA and haz helped me wiv me bloggin and bookin me agenda of appointmentz for the new year ahead as well az supplyin gravy bones and rancho chewz at me meetins. I didz however point out that this woz a temp appointment and that it must be all above bored wiv no hanky panky or norty weekendz away etc. Well thiz woz going all to plan then today me mommy and daddy didz wreck me plans by bookin a holiday in Cornwall for 2 dogs!! Think we need to discuss your contract Miss Spritzy.

Oh well, Miss Spritzy pack my summer coat,jarmies and me bed and cancel me meetins for June 19 and order 2 sausage cocktails yum 🙂

Paddy xx

Take a Letter Miss Spritzy



My Foster Home…(by Spritz)

Hello everyone,I’ve been here with Paddy now for almost a week for the festive season. I’m settling in well and getting used to the celebrity lifestyle.

Before this I was a successful athlete like many of my friends from Daybreaks but now i’m just a simple pet hound. My normal day to day routine is eat sleep eat sleep with the occasional walk here and there. I’ve had a nice Christmas with lots of pressies toys and eating lots of lovely dinners

My Christmas Day Photo Collection

I have fitted very well into my foster home in fact I am rather thinking I could enjoy staying here with Paddy for good. I’ll let you know how things are progressing.

Bye for now

Spritz (aka Spritzy) xxx