All Signed up (by Spritz)

Well its all official now, I’m all signed up and adopted now. It was very cold at the kennels waiting to sign on the dotted line. I’m now starting my new life as Paddy’s personal assistant.

My first job was to sort out his daily agenda and it reads like this.

7:30 am Walk for wee wees then snoozing

8:30 am Gourmet Breakfast (for 2) then long snoozing

11:00 am Check my blog stats then walks for wee wees etc

11:15 am Biscuits and treats with milk

11:30 am Long snoozing

4:00 pm 5 star dinner and gravy bone afters (for 2) then long snoozing with the odd satisfied after dinner belch!

7:30 pm Evening walks for wee wees etc then long snoozing

10:15 pm Bed time wee wees then ZzZzZz….Repeat!

Posing for Daybreaks Diary,my official adoption 4th January 2019

I’m arranging some engagements for us soon,stayed tuned.

Byes for now

Spritz and Paddy xxx


My Temporary Secritary (by Paddy)

Dear all,

Az you knowz I iz gettin older now and bein a famous bloggin hound it iz hard work at times inbetween bein famous for only havin one ear. I didz fink it woz time I didz have a new personal assistant to helpz me wiv me workload. I didz contact Paw Temps at Daybreaks and they sendz me Miss Spritzy to help me for a week or maybe more.

I’ve had Miss Spritzy here since 23rd of December and she is a very experienced PA and haz helped me wiv me bloggin and bookin me agenda of appointmentz for the new year ahead as well az supplyin gravy bones and rancho chewz at me meetins. I didz however point out that this woz a temp appointment and that it must be all above bored wiv no hanky panky or norty weekendz away etc. Well thiz woz going all to plan then today me mommy and daddy didz wreck me plans by bookin a holiday in Cornwall for 2 dogs!! Think we need to discuss your contract Miss Spritzy.

Oh well, Miss Spritzy pack my summer coat,jarmies and me bed and cancel me meetins for June 19 and order 2 sausage cocktails yum 🙂

Paddy xx

Take a Letter Miss Spritzy



My Foster Home…(by Spritz)

Hello everyone,I’ve been here with Paddy now for almost a week for the festive season. I’m settling in well and getting used to the celebrity lifestyle.

Before this I was a successful athlete like many of my friends from Daybreaks but now i’m just a simple pet hound. My normal day to day routine is eat sleep eat sleep with the occasional walk here and there. I’ve had a nice Christmas with lots of pressies toys and eating lots of lovely dinners

My Christmas Day Photo Collection

I have fitted very well into my foster home in fact I am rather thinking I could enjoy staying here with Paddy for good. I’ll let you know how things are progressing.

Bye for now

Spritz (aka Spritzy) xxx

Our Special Guest Spritz

Deer frends,

As you knowz I did hav a much loved sisfur called Ele when I didz first adopt me family and we woz very happy. Sadly Ele didz go to rainbow bridge and I haz bin on me own well sorts of until now.

Last week me lovely auti Ruth did be askin sumbody to hav a super luvly girl called Spritz to stay over Christmas and for new year when the old year has been worn out. Well I iz delighted to sayz we duz hav Spritz stayin wiv us for a while. I didz fink it woz funny that 2 new bedz did appear all of a sudden and then we didz go to me aunti Ruth’s new house which duzn’t normally happen. Well I iz really happy to say I duz fink she iz luvly and we didz becum frends strate away. I wuld say for the record that my instant frendship wiv Spritz woz nuffing to do wiv the 2 large goody bagz she did bring wiv her for Christmas to share wiv me.

Today is Crissmass day and we didz get hup to lots of fings left by Santa Pawz. Itz grate coz there were 2 socks put up meanin 2 lotz of prezzies. Spritz is super coz we didz both share all the toyz and treets.


We hav had lotz of turkey which iz fab and I’m reely happy to help aid her recovery. The luvly vet man Christian sed she duz needz lotz of TLC and lotz of foodies coz she iz still a bit under weight. Well the luvly Christmas dinner we didz hav will help lotz and our mommy didz say we iz havin sossiges for our supper. Here’s what Spritz haz to say.

Hello all my friends from Daybreaks. I’m very happy to be here with Paddy and he has been a real gentleman to me looking after me while I get settled in. He’s explained the lifestyle here telling me when breakfast and dinner will arrive and showing me where everything is. I find the stairs no problem as we have beds on both floors and we can please ourselves where we go. I quickly found out that whenever mommy or daddy goes in the room called the kitchen food tends to available so I follow to see if I can get some. I’ve had no problem finding my way to the garden for wee wees again thanks to Paddy’s guidance. I hope everyone hound and person has a very Merry Christmas.

Love from Spritz xxx

I duz wish everyone a super Crissmass time

Luvs Paddy xxx



My Poor Paw

Yesterday while I woz on me afternoon walk I didz hav a nasty fing happen to me. I woz walkin along mindin me own bizness as I alwayz duz. I woz sniffin and hinvestigatin on the grass and woz just about to hav a poo when me front poor didz really hurty. It woz so bad that I didz do the greyhound screem of def and didz make everyone jump. I didz do even more screemin and at first me mommy didn’t know what woz wrong. Then I didz lift hup me poor paw and I woz bein stung by a nasty wasp. The horrid wasp didn’t want to let me go and it didz keep stingin me even as I woz tryin to get away. Me mommy woz brave and didz flik it off me and step on it so it couldn’t hurt me any more.

I managed to get back home ok but on three legz coz I culdn’t stand on me poor whot was stung as it woz too sore and didz swell hup too. When we woz home I didz lye down on me bed feelin very sorry for meself. Then me mommy didz put sumfing on me paw to try to make it better…I didz sniff it then lick it too….yuk! it woz viniger. Mommy didz sayz it wud make the stingin go away. A bit later on I didz feel a bit better and the swellin didz go down. I then fort I woz well enuff to go into the garden to finish the job i’d started so I hobbled outside doin squeekin if anyone woz watchin!

I didz of course make the most of the extra attenshun I woz gettin and wiv sorryful eyez getz more recovery treets. Watch out for nasty wasps on your walks,they iz on the grass and hard to see but if you iz stung its not good.

Paddy xx

September Hols…Country Walks

I iz very happy to sayz that I iz out and about agen on me ortum holidayz. Thiz time I duz find meself on the North Yorkshire Moors. Itz nice here but a bit windy at times. Thiz duz make havin me poos a bit difficult as the wind duz blow hup me bottom…charmin! Itz nice to come to different place,I’z never been hup north before.

Yesterday I didz go on a luvly walk in a deep valley. We woz walkin along a narrow road but we didn’t sees any carz at all. The road didz keep goin down hill and then at the bottom the road didz become the stream. I duz like water and didn’t mind havin a paddle in the stream…it woz fun. The stream wozn’t deep it just covered me pawz.


When I had finished me paddle in the stream we didz go back to me holiday cottage on the farm. Problem woz itz all huphill going back. I didz stop lotz of times for me wees so I didz get a rest. Thiz didz also give me time to look at the sheeps…they iz silly creatures.


When we didz get back near the farm I saw two rams behind a gate. I thought about sayin hello but then I didz see the curly horns so thought maybe not.


Back at the cottage I didz do snoozins as it woz a long walk back and huphill too. Much too hard for a senior hound like me he he.

Paddy xx