Street Light Powered by Dog Poo!

I duz come across sum funny stories sumtimes and today I didz see this on me computer. I duz fink it was funny to read about thiz lite in Malvern and if I didz live there me Daddy didz say I duz generate enough number toos to keep the lite going for ever…charmin!

I iz however keen on recyclin fings except for me bed and me coats and fings coz a spoilt hound can neva have too many bedz and coats.

Take a look at

Bye for nowz

Paddy xx


Happy New Year

Hi everybody, I iz wishin you a happy new year but I duz fink what woz wrong wiv the old one.

I iz startin 2018 like all the other years in me bed. Its hard work bein a supa special hound. May 2018 bring joy and happiness to everyone and lots of treets for all me frends.

Luvs Paddy xx

Seein in a new year duz be hard work. I’z hexorsted

The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Present

It was Christmas eve night and a tired out Paddy was snoozing in his bed as usual looking forward to the next day. He was all snug in his bed when suddenly a super bright light filled the hall where Paddy was sleeping. The light was so bright Paddy thought it was a summer day for a moment then the light dimmed a little for Paddy to see a large brindle greyhound standing there smiling back at him.

The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Present

Don’t be frightened Paddy for I am the Greyhound Ghost of Christmas present and I bring only joy and good will to all on this special night. Paddy noticed the ghost was wearing a large gold collar, I like your collar he said its supa shiny. This is my magic collar,touch it and we will go on a special journey together and you will see how Christmas makes everyone happy. Paddy touched the collar and with a gold flash they were off and away.

Soon they were flying high above the countryside and they looked down to see lots of happy people walking their dogs over the hills below. When they got lower they could see it was a greyhound walk. Look Paddy our brothers and sisters with their happy owners all walking together. With that they flew lower and the ghost sprinkled magic gold dust from his collar over the people and hounds. What was that said Paddy. Watch and see,its the spirit of Christmas and as the dust touched everyone they all smiled and the greyhounds tails all wagged. Paddy thought this was nice. Am I here he asked. Yes you are and they saw a happy Paddy below having a sausage treat along with all the other greyhounds.

Next they flew over houses and in the windows Paddy could see large beds with dogs sleeping in front of warm fires with lots of presents under the Christmas trees. Paddy saw all kinds of dogs big and small and yes there were lots of greyhounds too all being taken care of. After a while Paddy recognised Daybreaks kennels below but he was a bit puzzled to see the kennels were empty…not a greyhound in sight. Where are all my frendz said Paddy rather worried. The ghost laughed and pointed his nose down to the houses below. Don’t worry I came past here last week and sprinkled my magic dust and lots of kind people came along to give all your friends a loving home for Christmas…look at the fun they are having. Paddy looked and he could see Teddy, Benny and Violet all snoozing near Christmas trees with lots of gifts with their names on. Next they saw Kitty Holly and Skye all enjoying snuggles with their new families. Then he spotted Lexi,Star,Jonny and Vera all having special Christmas dinners that looked yummy. Fizzy and Maggy were playing with new toys when they came into view.

My time with you is nearly over but you see now how special Christmas time is. Paddy thought it was very special as they returned home. Next year my brother will return to sprinkle magic dust to make Christmas time special again. Be happy Paddy, your family love you very much and with that the ghost was gone in bright flash. As the light faded away Paddy fell asleep dreaming of the happy things he had seen just as some magic gold dust fell on him and he smiled and looked forward to Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas everyone from Paddy xx


All This Cold Weather

Brrrr its been very cold recently and I have noticed that the heating has been turned up more to compensate. After all how can I do me sleepin and snoozin if I duz be cold.

Last Sunday we didz hav lots of snow and the woodz where I duz walk woz lookin very festive but I culdn’t decide if the snow woz a bit scary on me cold pawz or maybe I shuld just play in it…I decided the latter but only for a minit or two then back inside in the warm.

Fortunately I haz sum new Lilypeeps jarmies to keep me warm at night along wiv loads of blankets and me big warm winter wool lined bed but I’z not spoilt

Me new Lilypeeps jarmies,Theyz supa snug

Keep warm!

Paddy xx

The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Past

One cold frosty night before Christmas Paddy was resting as always on his bed and wondering why he was surrounded by flashing fairy lights,a tree and lots of Christmas things. It must be that time of year again he thought…turkey dinners…yum. This was to be his third Christmas time in his forever home and he knew that this was a happy fun time with lots of nice things to eat and lots of presents to open and everyone was happy.

As Paddy began to drift off to the land of nod where he could do sleepy zoomies he couldn’t help wondering what was Christmas time all about? What was it like before Christmas had been invented….Zzzzz he was soon snoring and away on his hupside down runin. But this night was to be different!!

It was the middle of the night and nothing was stirring…not a sound but then a tiny speck of bright light did fill the hall above Paddy’s bed and with one eye open and the the other covered by his blanket he watched as the light grew larger until a thin poor little greyhound girl stood in the corner. Gulp! thought Paddy what do I do now and before he could think of barkin or whinin the little hound figure came closer. Do not be frightened Paddy,I have come to help you understand about Christmas. I am the greyhound ghost of Christmas past…I’m from a time long ago. Paddy came out from under his blanket and looked at the figure before him. She was small and thin with a slightly fearful look as if scared she may be in trouble for doing something wrong. Touch my paw and we will go on a journey to my time and with that before Paddy could say sausages they were off and away.

The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Past

The ghost took him flying high above the houses and looking down they saw many happy dogs and cats having Christmas dinner and then opening lots of treets and gifts. One thing puzzled him however as not a greyhound was to be seen anywhere. He always saw his friends Alice and Eddy when out walking,why wasn’t there greyhounds enjoying the festive time.Why are there non of our brothers and sisters here he asked and with that they swept down over a dark kennel block near to a race track. This is my home Paddy and they went inside. It was dark inside and very cold. Only straw was on the floor and although it was Christmas not a single light or decoration was anywhere. This is where we live she said and showed Paddy lots of hounds. We only know racing or this place and have never known anything else. We didn’t know anything about Christmas or any holidays. I came to show you this as soon things will change but its too late for us. This is a time before the retired greyhound trust was created. Paddy felt sad and wished he could change things. He was still left a bit unsure about what Christmas was all about but he knew this situation must get better. My time here with you is running out now Paddy she said,I must take you back to your home.

Suddenly they were back in the hall and Paddy was back on his warm bed wondering if he ever went anywhere as his lead and winter coat was hanging up in its usual place. He looked at the ghost as she slowly started to fade away saying remember me and enjoy your time on earth. Look for my brothers and sisters…and she was gone.

Paddy was soon snoring away and dreaming again contented. He looked forward to his Christmas dinner and treets yummy.

bye for now

Paddy xx

Me Letter to Daybreaks

Dear Auti Ruth and everyone at Daybreaks,

I iz ritin thiz letter to tell you about me nanny.

Every Saturday I didz luvs to visit me nanny coz she didz givs me lotz of treets and did hav a garden that I didz luvs to run round in. Abouts a year ago she didz become ill and didz go into hozpital to be made well.

Hunfortunatly she didz not be made well enuff to go back to her house and she didz go into a care home place. Lucky for me they didz allow me to vizit in the home and I didz go wiv me daddy. We didz take me special paw print bed to do snoozin on. I didz hav to be a big brave boy coz I had to go in a lift when we didz get there. It woz werf all the trubble and me nanny woz so pleezed to sees me.


Me nanny didz alwayz hav a treet for me.

She didz luvs to hear all about Daybreaks and all the luvly hard work you and all the volunteers duz do to find homes for me and all me frends when their pawz are worn out from racin.

We iz very sad to sayz that me nanny didz getz very ill and on 28th of July she didz go over to rainbow bridge to give treets to all me frends wot haz crossed the bridge too. I duz know me nanny wud be very pleezed if you can carry on savin az many tired houndies az you can but we duz know that you duz need munny to help do thiz. Me mommy and daddy haz asked me to give you thiz check fing to give you lotz of munny to help you in memory of me nanny who didz luvs me very much and all doggiez every where.

Luvs from Paddy xx

Its me Berfday Today

Hello everyone. Today duz be a bit special az today duz be me berfday. I iz 9 today. I’m lookin forward to lotz of treets but then I duz getz treets all the time. Itz Sunday so I duz hav me special Sunday dinner wiv gravies on and lots of yummies too.

Thiz morning I woz havin a super paw massarge from me mommy then silly daddy woz blowin raspberries on me tummy…most relaxin.


I’z been out for me walks,I duz luvs Autum time az the leefs duz hide supa smells and I haz to do lots of sniffins wiv me nozzle in all the leefs. When we got back it woz time for me berfday dinner. It supa lamb and beef wiv gravies on too…supa yummy and didz nom nom noms.

After me dinner I duz do sleepins and dreemins on me bed wiv me legz doin runnin

When I didz woke hup I didz go for me usual evenin walk and thenĀ I did getz me bestest treet and that duz be a pigs ear and they duz be’s super yummy. They duz take sum eatins but eatins iz what I duz best even wiv me old teefs.

I haz had a greyt berfday

Luvs Paddy aged 9 xx