Me Baff

On Saturday last wick I duz go to the kennels to hav a make over treet. To me it duz seem like I woz bein like one of them celbrities on TV that duz go for ages in the salon for loadz of pamperin and I duz says I didz like it…bein famous that is too. I iz a legend in Daybreaks history coz I iz known as Paddy wiv only one ear.

I went in and me personal assistent Lorna she duz put me in the baff first. This woz to wosh me luvly shiny black coat and I duz getz a massage too. Then I getz a manicure and me pawz all checked,thiz didz tickle a bit he he. I haz a luvly blow dry and then sum nice smellin stuff on me coat too.

Luvly Lorna duz checkin me teefs too so I can still do me eatins and then I woz dun. I came out to me daddy who woz talking to me Aunti Ruth and Aunti Kate and guess what he duz sayz…Paddy you smell like a tarts hanky!

Charmin! bet you don’t say that to all the hounds. But I didz come out supa clean and fluffy and happy.

Byez for now

Paddy xx

I iz ready for anuva baff….got me hat on to keep worter out me ear!

Party Time

Today we haz been to the birthday gardin party at Daybreaks Kennels. Its been 11 years since me Aunti Ruth didz open Daybreaks and didz rescue meself and loads of other supa racin houndies when we haz retired. Me daddy didz sayz she shud get an award for all the hard work she and all the volunteers duz do for the houndies.

Itz been a lovely day and it woz greyt to see so many of me old frends. We woz watchin old Foxy he woz the party animal and we didz fink he woz supa. Foxy had it all worked out, a veteran of many a social gathering he didz go round greetin all the gests bein supa friendly but this woz a cover to getz foodies and treets from everyone. We didz spend time watchin him and he didz getz lotz and lotz and lotz. He didz eatin bergers and jackit potato and bred and just about everyfing goin.

Veteran Foxy having some foodies from Uncle Norman

It wos a supa party gathering,lots of hound frends for me to bottom sniff wiv. Later I didz lye down under the bushes in the shade to do chillin out wiv me daddy.

Poor old Foxy woz doin his party stuff with the ladies too but Star wozn’t impressed. She didz do tellin him too. It woz a supa party and we didz all get bergerz and cheeze and yummies all round.

We iz lookin forward to the next party…yay! Paddy xx

I’m Back Home After Supa Holiday

I iz back home now after having a supa holiday in North Devon. I’ve had lots of adventures walkin in the woodz although it woz very hot at first it did cool down a bit later in the week.

I haz been to old railway gardins, I’z had lots of river paddles…even got me daddy to come in the river too coz it woz hot. I’z had lotz of treets,creem teas and supa big dinners. I’z met hup wiv artist Brian Andrew again and hiz doggie frends and I’z been hup Exmoor to see ponies and sheepies grazin on the hills. I’z met new frends too.

Itz been just supa but best of all woz me holiday snoozins…had lotz of them he he.I’m dreemin of me next big hadventure.

Bak home now…holidayz are hard work!

Byez for now woofs Paddy xx

Not so hot

Today has been a much better today as its not been so hot. Yesterday its did get so hotty I just didn’t want to get hup to do anyfing even goin for a walk for me wees was hard. As it woz so hot we didz stay in I didz even hav me brekfast in bed…well I am on me holidayz.


Today we have been out and about and we ended hup in a tea gardin. Tea gardins means tea and cake. I’m alwayz ready to help eatz hup cake. Time afterwardz to do a bit of snoozinz….I luvs holidayz


Paddy xx



On me holidays agen Part 3

Today was so hot, it didz get to 31c here and I woz meltin. Even wiv me cool coat on it woz too much.

As it woz so hot we didz only go out for a short time. Today we didz go to Lynmouth and we didz call in to see me favorit artist Mister Brian Andrew and his luvly dogs who I duz luvs to do bottom sniffing wivs. Last year we didz buy his sculpture of a lying down hound and this duz lie in the window at home.


Brian Andrew is famous for his crackle glaze finish to his work so every sculpture is unique. Today he didz show us his latest work which we didz think was super.

While mommy and daddy woz decidin what to buy I did make frends agen wiv Brian’s dogs. Mommy didz sayz to be careful wiv me tail coz its such a waggin tail she woz worrid in case I didz wag too much and knock sumfing off the shelf.

After a while we didz decide to buy a sittin dog and a hare mainly coz daddy cudn’t make hup his mind so he didz buy them both. Brian didz box them hup for us while we didz go for a creem tea,yummy!

These are the sittin dog and the hare we bought

We collected our sculptures and Brian didz pose for a photo wiv his luvly dogs for us


If you duz be in North Devon any time we can recomend a visit to Brian’s studio.

His website is

Address:Woodside Court, Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth , EX35 6EP.

More adventures to come later…TTFN Paddy xx

On me holiday agen Part 2

When me daddy didz sayz to me that we woz visiting a garden I woz a bit hexcited. I duz like gardens as I can help wiv waterin the plants me thinks. It haz been very hot here on our holidayz so me mommy duz sayz that I needz me cool coat on today as well as me cool bandana as it will be very hot visitin the gardinz.

We didz go in the car which fortunately has air con to helps keep me cool.After a while we didz stop and park at the garden we woz visitin. The place we woz callin at was called Venn Cross and I didz hear me daddy talkin to the man that lived in the house. This woz a special garden as it used to be a railway station and engine house where big noisy scary steam trainz did go past but its alright coz the railway woz gone now and it was just a nice garden full of flowers and sum railway fings which daddy was interested in.

Here I iz wiv mommy

We didz look all round the gardens, we are standing here right where trainz used to run but that woz a long time ago.

Although it woz a hot day I didz enjoy meself and lots of peeple didz ask about me cool coat. It duz keep me cool when its hot. Me mommy and daddy did spend a lot of time promotin greyhoundz and I duz be me normal friendly self so peeple finks I woz supa big handsome boy.

A bit later on I duz hear me daddy sayz he wanted to see the tunnel. I waznt sure about the tunnel so I didz stay wiv mommy. I haz herd stories of dragons livin in tunnels so I woz a bit scardy.

The bestest part for me…Tea and cakes yum.

Tea and cake yummy

More holiday adventures to come me thinks…Paddy xx

On me holiday agen Part 1

I iz on me holiday agen and i’z havin a greyt time here in North Devon. If you duz remember I didz stay here last year and as it woz so nice we haz decided to come back for more holiday adventures.

Today it haz bin so hot, I didz need me cool bandana so I duzn’t melt in the sun. Thiz mornin we did’z go to the village nearby called Dulverton. Thiz woz good coz there woz a luvly river running by a large grassy area. As we woz walkin in the high street we didz meet a luvly dog called Jasper. He woz super friendly like me and we didz say hello in typical greyhound fashun. Jasper woz like me but he woz also part collie too.

We didz walk down the high street to the river side. I duz luvs havin a paddle and as it woz so hot I didz go into the river to cool meself down.

A bit later on I duz see Jasper agen and he duz luvs the river too. He woz supa cool as he didz lyin down in the river but I just went in hup to me tummy. I finks me daddy woz finkin that I’d swim away but it woz a bit rocky under the water,I haz to be careful not to hurty me pawz.

After the river I didz walkin along the river bank in the shade before we didz go back to the holiday cottage. We didz see sum nice people who didz like me cool bandana and they didz say I woz a luvly boy.

Me stay cool bandana….certainly worked to keep me cool.

More holiday adventures to come!

Paddy xx