My Poor Paw

Yesterday while I woz on me afternoon walk I didz hav a nasty fing happen to me. I woz walkin along mindin me own bizness as I alwayz duz. I woz sniffin and hinvestigatin on the grass and woz just about to hav a poo when me front poor didz really hurty. It woz so bad that I didz do the greyhound screem of def and didz make everyone jump. I didz do even more screemin and at first me mommy didn’t know what woz wrong. Then I didz lift hup me poor paw and I woz bein stung by a nasty wasp. The horrid wasp didn’t want to let me go and it didz keep stingin me even as I woz tryin to get away. Me mommy woz brave and didz flik it off me and step on it so it couldn’t hurt me any more.

I managed to get back home ok but on three legz coz I culdn’t stand on me poor whot was stung as it woz too sore and didz swell hup too. When we woz home I didz lye down on me bed feelin very sorry for meself. Then me mommy didz put sumfing on me paw to try to make it better…I didz sniff it then lick it too….yuk! it woz viniger. Mommy didz sayz it wud make the stingin go away. A bit later on I didz feel a bit better and the swellin didz go down. I then fort I woz well enuff to go into the garden to finish the job i’d started so I hobbled outside doin squeekin if anyone woz watchin!

I didz of course make the most of the extra attenshun I woz gettin and wiv sorryful eyez getz more recovery treets. Watch out for nasty wasps on your walks,they iz on the grass and hard to see but if you iz stung its not good.

Paddy xx

September Hols…Country Walks

I iz very happy to sayz that I iz out and about agen on me ortum holidayz. Thiz time I duz find meself on the North Yorkshire Moors. Itz nice here but a bit windy at times. Thiz duz make havin me poos a bit difficult as the wind duz blow hup me bottom…charmin! Itz nice to come to different place,I’z never been hup north before.

Yesterday I didz go on a luvly walk in a deep valley. We woz walkin along a narrow road but we didn’t sees any carz at all. The road didz keep goin down hill and then at the bottom the road didz become the stream. I duz like water and didn’t mind havin a paddle in the stream…it woz fun. The stream wozn’t deep it just covered me pawz.


When I had finished me paddle in the stream we didz go back to me holiday cottage on the farm. Problem woz itz all huphill going back. I didz stop lotz of times for me wees so I didz get a rest. Thiz didz also give me time to look at the sheeps…they iz silly creatures.


When we didz get back near the farm I saw two rams behind a gate. I thought about sayin hello but then I didz see the curly horns so thought maybe not.


Back at the cottage I didz do snoozins as it woz a long walk back and huphill too. Much too hard for a senior hound like me he he.

Paddy xx

Goodbye Summer Ortum is on his way

Today I didz notice it woz not summer anymore coz daddy didz change the dayz fing on the wall to another munth. I’z also aware itz no longer summer coz last nite I didz hear jarmies menshuned. Its nice in the day time but I duz getz a bit chilly at nite now so thatz how I knowz itz now ortum. Its offishul coz I sed so!! and itz now Septemba.

Today while I woz dreemin I didz fink back to me summer holiday on the Isle of Wight. I didz hav a supa time away havin lotz of ice cream treets coz it woz so hot. I even had to wear me new cool coat when I woz out walkin with me daddy, we duz match now we iz both in blue…yay!


To getz to the Isle of Wight we didz hav to go in this big fing called a ferry. I didn’t know what to expect when we didz get there where the ferry didz live but I did see lotz of sea side and lotz of cars waitin. Then the ferry fing arrived and didz watch as it didz swollow hup lotz of carz…yikes whatz happenin. Before I cud doo squeekin we woz movin in and we didz go inside!

The big ferry monster eatin carz!

Worse woz to come as when we woz hinside I didz hav to get out of the car coz daddy didz say I wozn’t allowed to stay in the car while we goes across the sea. I didz relutantly getz out but then I didz see a very steep lot of stairz. Now stairz are not usually a problem but I culdn’t do these ones. Daddy didz hav to carry me hup and when we didz get to the top all the peeple didz say Ahhh! Well normally I duzn’t like to make a fuss about fings but what cud I do so in the circumstances I didz fink I woz supa spechul bein carrid hup into the lounge.

I survived thiz ordeal to hav a supa holiday at me holiday cottidge. Here I iz havin fun playin wiv me mommy runnin round havin treetz…me favourit.

Screenshot 2018-09-01 at 15.34.23

Well soon the leefs on the treez will start to fall off and that bringz itz own fun timez. I knowz there must be lotz more hadventurez to hav ahead.

Catch hup wiv you’z soon

Luvz Paddy xx

I Needz Just For Men

The uvva day I didz catch a sight of meself in a reflecshun and I duz notice that I haz becum very grey as I duz getz older. Now me descripshun on me page at Daybreaks duz say I iz a black dog. Thiz didz hav me a bit wurrid espechally when me daddy diz sayz (joking) I would have to go back under guarantee as I iz not haz described…huh! bloody cheek of it. He can talk I must sayz…his hair iz slowly disapearin and goin gray too.

I was hexcited to see on the TV hadverts recently after the dog food comercials that there iz this stuff you can get for humans called just for men that duz turn your hair back to bein black. I duz fink its time I duz have sum for me luvly black coat so I duz be a black dog agen he he.

I’z gettin the baff ready right now!

Paddy xx

Paddy The Black Grey Dog

Feelin Hot Hot Hot

I must first apologize to everyone az I hazn’t posted for sum time. Thiz is becuz I’z bin doin sleepins and lazin and me daddy duz be retired now and duz hog me computa meenin I hazunt bin able to tell eveyone whot i’z bin up to.

Az I sed I hav bin doin lotz of sleepin in the nice summer weather we haz bin havin.I duz like the sun but itz bin a bit too hot lately so doin me usual walkin and havin adventures haz bin hard work. Me mommy and daddy duz keep on moanin that we duz need sum rain for the garden but I’z bin doin my bestest to help out. I didz hexplain that I duz hav built in waterin capabilitiz but me mommy woz not himpressed!

When the sun didz get supa hot I did’z have me special coolin blanket on. This woz great till I didz turn over and it did fall off. Fortunatly me servants didz keep puttin it back on for me. You humums do hav your uses.

Stay cool everyone

Luvs Paddy xx

Lyin on the floor is cool and me coolin blanket iz luvly in the heat


My Lecture Visit

Dear friendz, pleeze don’t misunderstand me coz I duzn’t eva lecture anybody…well perhaps I duz give out advice on how many treets I shud be having which for the record is lots!

Anyway last friday night me mommy woz away and me daddy duz go to a garden club.Cos I duzn’t have anyone to looks after me I duz go to the garden club wiv me daddy.

We didz sit at the back out of the way while the nice lady didz talk about nice flowers and plants and trees. I did do’s fallin asleep not becuz I woz bored but its just wot we greyhoundz duz do. I didz wake hup wiv a jump when they didz all clap at the end.

The nice lady doin the lecture.

The bestest fing woz after the talkin they duz hav tea and bisgits and I duz let them all know they iz me favorit. Daddy didz say that I woz the most popular visitor they haz eva had and I didz get lots of bisgits. The lady did even say she had never dun a lecure wiv a dog before,thiz didz make me feel very important. I didz hexplain how I duz helpin in the garden,mainly by waterin the plants hin me own special way and then stayin out the way most of the time.

I did snoozin on me bed until the bisgits came along

All the nice peeple sed that I may come along to another meeting so I suggested an hour long talk about sausages with tastin included wud be a better topic…slurrrp!


Paddy xx