Feelin Hot Hot Hot

I must first apologize to everyone az I hazn’t posted for sum time. Thiz is becuz I’z bin doin sleepins and lazin and me daddy duz be retired now and duz hog me computa meenin I hazunt bin able to tell eveyone whot i’z bin up to.

Az I sed I hav bin doin lotz of sleepin in the nice summer weather we haz bin havin.I duz like the sun but itz bin a bit too hot lately so doin me usual walkin and havin adventures haz bin hard work. Me mommy and daddy duz keep on moanin that we duz need sum rain for the garden but I’z bin doin my bestest to help out. I didz hexplain that I duz hav built in waterin capabilitiz but me mommy woz not himpressed!

When the sun didz get supa hot I did’z have me special coolin blanket on. This woz great till I didz turn over and it did fall off. Fortunatly me servants didz keep puttin it back on for me. You humums do hav your uses.

Stay cool everyone

Luvs Paddy xx

Lyin on the floor is cool and me coolin blanket iz luvly in the heat



My Lecture Visit

Dear friendz, pleeze don’t misunderstand me coz I duzn’t eva lecture anybody…well perhaps I duz give out advice on how many treets I shud be having which for the record is lots!

Anyway last friday night me mommy woz away and me daddy duz go to a garden club.Cos I duzn’t have anyone to looks after me I duz go to the garden club wiv me daddy.

We didz sit at the back out of the way while the nice lady didz talk about nice flowers and plants and trees. I did do’s fallin asleep not becuz I woz bored but its just wot we greyhoundz duz do. I didz wake hup wiv a jump when they didz all clap at the end.

The nice lady doin the lecture.

The bestest fing woz after the talkin they duz hav tea and bisgits and I duz let them all know they iz me favorit. Daddy didz say that I woz the most popular visitor they haz eva had and I didz get lots of bisgits. The lady did even say she had never dun a lecure wiv a dog before,thiz didz make me feel very important. I didz hexplain how I duz helpin in the garden,mainly by waterin the plants hin me own special way and then stayin out the way most of the time.

I did snoozin on me bed until the bisgits came along

All the nice peeple sed that I may come along to another meeting so I suggested an hour long talk about sausages with tastin included wud be a better topic…slurrrp!


Paddy xx




Its Sooooo Cold Brrr

The weather has gone so cold wiv snow and ice everywhere. Its no fun when I duz go for me walks and the icy wind duz blow me coat inside out. I didz go on a walk recently hup Waseley hills and it didz snow and woz windy cold hup the hills.

Remeber to tells your humans to make sure you duz hav a coat on when you duz goes out. I iz lucky coz I duz hav me thick fleecy coat az well az me winter coat.Also while itz super cols at night you duz needz jarmies on. I duz hav me grey fleece jarmies on at night.

The other night I didz hav 3 blankits on me bed plus me jarmies plus 2 heaters and me mommy didz still wurry I was cold.

Take care me houndy frendz

Me Farmyard Scene

I wud just like to say I iz a gud boy and I duz not neva be norty at all so I wud fink that the contents of thiz report duz be fake newz!

Yesterday I woz on me own and duzn’t like to be on me own especially when me daddy duz be away. Anyway I woz on me own and I didz get a bit bored and I woz finking that it wud be nice to make a surprise for me mommy and daddy when they duz come back. I woz wonderin whot to do when I didz see a bag on the floor. I had me hinvestigatin head on so I didz go over to have a look. In the bag woz lotz of hay for me ginny pig frend Chewie who duz be stayin wiv us for a while. He duz find the hay very tasty so I duz fink I wud try sum meself. Yuk! it woz not taysty for greyhoundz.

Then I duz fink I wud hav fun puttin the hay all over the floor and decorate the house for me mommy and daddy. I didz hav greyt fun runnin up and down frowin hay everywhere. I didz fink it woz such fun runnin up and down wiv hay. When I woz tired out I didz do snoozin on me bed.

When me mommy and daddy didz come home they didz not be pleased but then they didz see how prowd I woz and they didz do laffin and daddy didz say it looked like a farmyard.

Woz fun though he he xx

IMG-20180115-WA0000 (1)
Me farmyard scene

Street Light Powered by Dog Poo!

I duz come across sum funny stories sumtimes and today I didz see this on me computer. I duz fink it was funny to read about thiz lite in Malvern and if I didz live there me Daddy didz say I duz generate enough number toos to keep the lite going for ever…charmin!

I iz however keen on recyclin fings except for me bed and me coats and fings coz a spoilt hound can neva have too many bedz and coats.

Take a look at


Bye for nowz

Paddy xx

Happy New Year

Hi everybody, I iz wishin you a happy new year but I duz fink what woz wrong wiv the old one.

I iz startin 2018 like all the other years in me bed. Its hard work bein a supa special hound. May 2018 bring joy and happiness to everyone and lots of treets for all me frends.

Luvs Paddy xx

Seein in a new year duz be hard work. I’z hexorsted

The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Present

It was Christmas eve night and a tired out Paddy was snoozing in his bed as usual looking forward to the next day. He was all snug in his bed when suddenly a super bright light filled the hall where Paddy was sleeping. The light was so bright Paddy thought it was a summer day for a moment then the light dimmed a little for Paddy to see a large brindle greyhound standing there smiling back at him.

The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Present

Don’t be frightened Paddy for I am the Greyhound Ghost of Christmas present and I bring only joy and good will to all on this special night. Paddy noticed the ghost was wearing a large gold collar, I like your collar he said its supa shiny. This is my magic collar,touch it and we will go on a special journey together and you will see how Christmas makes everyone happy. Paddy touched the collar and with a gold flash they were off and away.

Soon they were flying high above the countryside and they looked down to see lots of happy people walking their dogs over the hills below. When they got lower they could see it was a greyhound walk. Look Paddy our brothers and sisters with their happy owners all walking together. With that they flew lower and the ghost sprinkled magic gold dust from his collar over the people and hounds. What was that said Paddy. Watch and see,its the spirit of Christmas and as the dust touched everyone they all smiled and the greyhounds tails all wagged. Paddy thought this was nice. Am I here he asked. Yes you are and they saw a happy Paddy below having a sausage treat along with all the other greyhounds.

Next they flew over houses and in the windows Paddy could see large beds with dogs sleeping in front of warm fires with lots of presents under the Christmas trees. Paddy saw all kinds of dogs big and small and yes there were lots of greyhounds too all being taken care of. After a while Paddy recognised Daybreaks kennels below but he was a bit puzzled to see the kennels were empty…not a greyhound in sight. Where are all my frendz said Paddy rather worried. The ghost laughed and pointed his nose down to the houses below. Don’t worry I came past here last week and sprinkled my magic dust and lots of kind people came along to give all your friends a loving home for Christmas…look at the fun they are having. Paddy looked and he could see Teddy, Benny and Violet all snoozing near Christmas trees with lots of gifts with their names on. Next they saw Kitty Holly and Skye all enjoying snuggles with their new families. Then he spotted Lexi,Star,Jonny and Vera all having special Christmas dinners that looked yummy. Fizzy and Maggy were playing with new toys when they came into view.

My time with you is nearly over but you see now how special Christmas time is. Paddy thought it was very special as they returned home. Next year my brother will return to sprinkle magic dust to make Christmas time special again. Be happy Paddy, your family love you very much and with that the ghost was gone in bright flash. As the light faded away Paddy fell asleep dreaming of the happy things he had seen just as some magic gold dust fell on him and he smiled and looked forward to Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas everyone from Paddy xx