Feelin Hot Hot Hot

I must first apologize to everyone az I hazn’t posted for sum time. Thiz is becuz I’z bin doin sleepins and lazin and me daddy duz be retired now and duz hog me computa meenin I hazunt bin able to tell eveyone whot i’z bin up to.

Az I sed I hav bin doin lotz of sleepin in the nice summer weather we haz bin havin.I duz like the sun but itz bin a bit too hot lately so doin me usual walkin and havin adventures haz bin hard work. Me mommy and daddy duz keep on moanin that we duz need sum rain for the garden but I’z bin doin my bestest to help out. I didz hexplain that I duz hav built in waterin capabilitiz but me mommy woz not himpressed!

When the sun didz get supa hot I did’z have me special coolin blanket on. This woz great till I didz turn over and it did fall off. Fortunatly me servants didz keep puttin it back on for me. You humums do hav your uses.

Stay cool everyone

Luvs Paddy xx

Lyin on the floor is cool and me coolin blanket iz luvly in the heat



One thought on “Feelin Hot Hot Hot

  1. Hello Paddy! We have been away for a very long time but it’s good to be back and catching up. That’s a great idea for keeping cool. I’m glad to hear your servants are still working hard for you. They’re probably worth keeping. 😁
    Monty and Chicken 🐾❤️🐾

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