My Lecture Visit

Dear friendz, pleeze don’t misunderstand me coz I duzn’t eva lecture anybody…well perhaps I duz give out advice on how many treets I shud be having which for the record is lots!

Anyway last friday night me mommy woz away and me daddy duz go to a garden club.Cos I duzn’t have anyone to looks after me I duz go to the garden club wiv me daddy.

We didz sit at the back out of the way while the nice lady didz talk about nice flowers and plants and trees. I did do’s fallin asleep not becuz I woz bored but its just wot we greyhoundz duz do. I didz wake hup wiv a jump when they didz all clap at the end.

The nice lady doin the lecture.

The bestest fing woz after the talkin they duz hav tea and bisgits and I duz let them all know they iz me favorit. Daddy didz say that I woz the most popular visitor they haz eva had and I didz get lots of bisgits. The lady did even say she had never dun a lecure wiv a dog before,thiz didz make me feel very important. I didz hexplain how I duz helpin in the garden,mainly by waterin the plants hin me own special way and then stayin out the way most of the time.

I did snoozin on me bed until the bisgits came along

All the nice peeple sed that I may come along to another meeting so I suggested an hour long talk about sausages with tastin included wud be a better topic…slurrrp!


Paddy xx





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