Its Sooooo Cold Brrr

The weather has gone so cold wiv snow and ice everywhere. Its no fun when I duz go for me walks and the icy wind duz blow me coat inside out. I didz go on a walk recently hup Waseley hills and it didz snow and woz windy cold hup the hills.

Remeber to tells your humans to make sure you duz hav a coat on when you duz goes out. I iz lucky coz I duz hav me thick fleecy coat az well az me winter coat.Also while itz super cols at night you duz needz jarmies on. I duz hav me grey fleece jarmies on at night.

The other night I didz hav 3 blankits on me bed plus me jarmies plus 2 heaters and me mommy didz still wurry I was cold.

Take care me houndy frendz


5 thoughts on “Its Sooooo Cold Brrr

  1. Mum says the beast from the east is in our garden the padster – I have been snowed in for three days already – thank goodness mum has emergency rations in for us both. Stay toasty xxx

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  2. Hello Paddy! Glad to hear you’ve been keeping warm at night. I’m still in love with my electric bed. Chicken has been out for more walks than me and her little feet needed a bit of TLC. She lets The Fairy put cream on her feet but then licks it all off!
    Monty 🐾❤️🐾


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