Me Farmyard Scene

I wud just like to say I iz a gud boy and I duz not neva be norty at all so I wud fink that the contents of thiz report duz be fake newz!

Yesterday I woz on me own and duzn’t like to be on me own especially when me daddy duz be away. Anyway I woz on me own and I didz get a bit bored and I woz finking that it wud be nice to make a surprise for me mommy and daddy when they duz come back. I woz wonderin whot to do when I didz see a bag on the floor. I had me hinvestigatin head on so I didz go over to have a look. In the bag woz lotz of hay for me ginny pig frend Chewie who duz be stayin wiv us for a while. He duz find the hay very tasty so I duz fink I wud try sum meself. Yuk! it woz not taysty for greyhoundz.

Then I duz fink I wud hav fun puttin the hay all over the floor and decorate the house for me mommy and daddy. I didz hav greyt fun runnin up and down frowin hay everywhere. I didz fink it woz such fun runnin up and down wiv hay. When I woz tired out I didz do snoozin on me bed.

When me mommy and daddy didz come home they didz not be pleased but then they didz see how prowd I woz and they didz do laffin and daddy didz say it looked like a farmyard.

Woz fun though he he xx

IMG-20180115-WA0000 (1)
Me farmyard scene

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