The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Present

It was Christmas eve night and a tired out Paddy was snoozing in his bed as usual looking forward to the next day. He was all snug in his bed when suddenly a super bright light filled the hall where Paddy was sleeping. The light was so bright Paddy thought it was a summer day for a moment then the light dimmed a little for Paddy to see a large brindle greyhound standing there smiling back at him.

The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Present

Don’t be frightened Paddy for I am the Greyhound Ghost of Christmas present and I bring only joy and good will to all on this special night. Paddy noticed the ghost was wearing a large gold collar, I like your collar he said its supa shiny. This is my magic collar,touch it and we will go on a special journey together and you will see how Christmas makes everyone happy. Paddy touched the collar and with a gold flash they were off and away.

Soon they were flying high above the countryside and they looked down to see lots of happy people walking their dogs over the hills below. When they got lower they could see it was a greyhound walk. Look Paddy our brothers and sisters with their happy owners all walking together. With that they flew lower and the ghost sprinkled magic gold dust from his collar over the people and hounds. What was that said Paddy. Watch and see,its the spirit of Christmas and as the dust touched everyone they all smiled and the greyhounds tails all wagged. Paddy thought this was nice. Am I here he asked. Yes you are and they saw a happy Paddy below having a sausage treat along with all the other greyhounds.

Next they flew over houses and in the windows Paddy could see large beds with dogs sleeping in front of warm fires with lots of presents under the Christmas trees. Paddy saw all kinds of dogs big and small and yes there were lots of greyhounds too all being taken care of. After a while Paddy recognised Daybreaks kennels below but he was a bit puzzled to see the kennels were empty…not a greyhound in sight. Where are all my frendz said Paddy rather worried. The ghost laughed and pointed his nose down to the houses below. Don’t worry I came past here last week and sprinkled my magic dust and lots of kind people came along to give all your friends a loving home for Christmas…look at the fun they are having. Paddy looked and he could see Teddy, Benny and Violet all snoozing near Christmas trees with lots of gifts with their names on. Next they saw Kitty Holly and Skye all enjoying snuggles with their new families. Then he spotted Lexi,Star,Jonny and Vera all having special Christmas dinners that looked yummy. Fizzy and Maggy were playing with new toys when they came into view.

My time with you is nearly over but you see now how special Christmas time is. Paddy thought it was very special as they returned home. Next year my brother will return to sprinkle magic dust to make Christmas time special again. Be happy Paddy, your family love you very much and with that the ghost was gone in bright flash. As the light faded away Paddy fell asleep dreaming of the happy things he had seen just as some magic gold dust fell on him and he smiled and looked forward to Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas everyone from Paddy xx



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