All This Cold Weather

Brrrr its been very cold recently and I have noticed that the heating has been turned up more to compensate. After all how can I do me sleepin and snoozin if I duz be cold.

Last Sunday we didz hav lots of snow and the woodz where I duz walk woz lookin very festive but I culdn’t decide if the snow woz a bit scary on me cold pawz or maybe I shuld just play in it…I decided the latter but only for a minit or two then back inside in the warm.

Fortunately I haz sum new Lilypeeps jarmies to keep me warm at night along wiv loads of blankets and me big warm winter wool lined bed but I’z not spoilt

Me new Lilypeeps jarmies,Theyz supa snug

Keep warm!

Paddy xx


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