The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Past

One cold frosty night before Christmas Paddy was resting as always on his bed and wondering why he was surrounded by flashing fairy lights,a tree and lots of Christmas things. It must be that time of year again he thought…turkey dinners…yum. This was to be his third Christmas time in his forever home and he knew that this was a happy fun time with lots of nice things to eat and lots of presents to open and everyone was happy.

As Paddy began to drift off to the land of nod where he could do sleepy zoomies he couldn’t help wondering what was Christmas time all about? What was it like before Christmas had been invented….Zzzzz he was soon snoring and away on his hupside down runin. But this night was to be different!!

It was the middle of the night and nothing was stirring…not a sound but then a tiny speck of bright light did fill the hall above Paddy’s bed and with one eye open and the the other covered by his blanket he watched as the light grew larger until a thin poor little greyhound girl stood in the corner. Gulp! thought Paddy what do I do now and before he could think of barkin or whinin the little hound figure came closer. Do not be frightened Paddy,I have come to help you understand about Christmas. I am the greyhound ghost of Christmas past…I’m from a time long ago. Paddy came out from under his blanket and looked at the figure before him. She was small and thin with a slightly fearful look as if scared she may be in trouble for doing something wrong. Touch my paw and we will go on a journey to my time and with that before Paddy could say sausages they were off and away.

The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Past

The ghost took him flying high above the houses and looking down they saw many happy dogs and cats having Christmas dinner and then opening lots of treets and gifts. One thing puzzled him however as not a greyhound was to be seen anywhere. He always saw his friends Alice and Eddy when out walking,why wasn’t there greyhounds enjoying the festive time.Why are there non of our brothers and sisters here he asked and with that they swept down over a dark kennel block near to a race track. This is my home Paddy and they went inside. It was dark inside and very cold. Only straw was on the floor and although it was Christmas not a single light or decoration was anywhere. This is where we live she said and showed Paddy lots of hounds. We only know racing or this place and have never known anything else. We didn’t know anything about Christmas or any holidays. I came to show you this as soon things will change but its too late for us. This is a time before the retired greyhound trust was created. Paddy felt sad and wished he could change things. He was still left a bit unsure about what Christmas was all about but he knew this situation must get better. My time here with you is running out now Paddy she said,I must take you back to your home.

Suddenly they were back in the hall and Paddy was back on his warm bed wondering if he ever went anywhere as his lead and winter coat was hanging up in its usual place. He looked at the ghost as she slowly started to fade away saying remember me and enjoy your time on earth. Look for my brothers and sisters…and she was gone.

Paddy was soon snoring away and dreaming again contented. He looked forward to his Christmas dinner and treets yummy.

bye for now

Paddy xx


4 thoughts on “The Greyhound Ghost of Christmas Past

  1. What a lovely story Paddy – have had a little weep over it. Wishing you and your family lots of Christmas happiness. Can’t believe its already your third Christmas in your forever home – I remember you so well from Daybreaks. Loads of hugs. xx

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