Me Letter to Daybreaks

Dear Auti Ruth and everyone at Daybreaks,

I iz ritin thiz letter to tell you about me nanny.

Every Saturday I didz luvs to visit me nanny coz she didz givs me lotz of treets and did hav a garden that I didz luvs to run round in. Abouts a year ago she didz become ill and didz go into hozpital to be made well.

Hunfortunatly she didz not be made well enuff to go back to her house and she didz go into a care home place. Lucky for me they didz allow me to vizit in the home and I didz go wiv me daddy. We didz take me special paw print bed to do snoozin on. I didz hav to be a big brave boy coz I had to go in a lift when we didz get there. It woz werf all the trubble and me nanny woz so pleezed to sees me.


Me nanny didz alwayz hav a treet for me.

She didz luvs to hear all about Daybreaks and all the luvly hard work you and all the volunteers duz do to find homes for me and all me frends when their pawz are worn out from racin.

We iz very sad to sayz that me nanny didz getz very ill and on 28th of July she didz go over to rainbow bridge to give treets to all me frends wot haz crossed the bridge too. I duz know me nanny wud be very pleezed if you can carry on savin az many tired houndies az you can but we duz know that you duz need munny to help do thiz. Me mommy and daddy haz asked me to give you thiz check fing to give you lotz of munny to help you in memory of me nanny who didz luvs me very much and all doggiez every where.

Luvs from Paddy xx


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