Its me Berfday Today

Hello everyone. Today duz be a bit special az today duz be me berfday. I iz 9 today. I’m lookin forward to lotz of treets but then I duz getz treets all the time. Itz Sunday so I duz hav me special Sunday dinner wiv gravies on and lots of yummies too.

Thiz morning I woz havin a super paw massarge from me mommy then silly daddy woz blowin raspberries on me tummy…most relaxin.


I’z been out for me walks,I duz luvs Autum time az the leefs duz hide supa smells and I haz to do lots of sniffins wiv me nozzle in all the leefs. When we got back it woz time for me berfday dinner. It supa lamb and beef wiv gravies on too…supa yummy and didz nom nom noms.

After me dinner I duz do sleepins and dreemins on me bed wiv me legz doin runnin

When I didz woke hup I didz go for me usual evenin walk and then I did getz me bestest treet and that duz be a pigs ear and they duz be’s super yummy. They duz take sum eatins but eatins iz what I duz best even wiv me old teefs.

I haz had a greyt berfday

Luvs Paddy aged 9 xx



3 thoughts on “Its me Berfday Today

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paddy! We didn’t realise that you were the same age as us. We thought you were a young whipper-snapper. You look very relaxed in your big bed. Any chance of secretly sending us a couple of pigs ears? We are still on a diet.
    Monty and Chicken 🐾🎂🐾

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    1. Poor Monty and Chicken. Yes hunfortunately I am now 9 but this duz not stop me bein full of fun and energy. I have sent you a secret pigs ear parcel labeled machine parts and asked the postman to hide it from the fairy. Keep up the good work with your secret food club,hound diets should be banned luvs Paddy xx


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