Ghosts and Folklore on Dartmoor

As you all knowz us greyhoundz duz try to be brave but we iz big softies really so you can imagine the scene when I woz told we woz goin hup onto Dartmoor to see a haunted site! Yikes…I thought i’d better hide under me blanket,they won’t get me there.

We didz drive hup onto the moor along sum very narrow lanes. I just kept me head down and paws over me eyes incase sumfing did come the other way. As we woz drivin I didz hear the scary story….gulp!

A long time ago about 1790 a lady called Mary Jay didz comit suicide which woz very sad and norty too. She woz buried in a grave on a cross roads high up on Dartmoor. Its been sed that strange fings duz happen at night! Local people have seen strange mist over the grave and a dark strange ghostly figure kneeling down. When we didz get there I stayed in the car while those two didz get out to look…too scardy for me.

The scary fing iz there are always fresh flowers there and other fings like munny and charmz and toyz. Nobody knowz who leaves them,local folk think its pixies who come out at night and leave flowers every night.

I woz rather glad to get back to me holiday home I can tell you. I duzn’t do ghosties and scary fings

Hidin under me blanket Paddy xx


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