Walk to Meldon Quarry

When we didz set off on this walk I duzn’t know what to expect as I haz no idea what a quarry woz. The walk began from Okehampton station along a cycle path which runs along side the railway. Me daddy duz like trainz and he dids sayz that the line iz only open now for big trainz to take stone from the quarry. We didz carry on walkin and I woz too bizy sniffin and snufflin to notice the railway. We didz hav to be careful to watch out for cyclin people. We didz also see a lady doin joggin wiv her labrador dog runnin too. I did says a quick hello as they ran past. I duz hope mommy duzn’t get any ideas but then agen I’m too fast for joggin and she wudn’t keep up so I’m safe there I thought.

Later on we didz go under a tunnel and then we didz see the railway get wider. Me daddy didz look over the fence and he didz sayz we woz nearly there.Good jobz az me legz woz gettin tired. Then we didz seez old trainz and buildin fings. Me daddy didz sayz that thiz woz the quarry. A long time ago lotz of stone didz come out and thiz had to be dun by blastin. I duz hope no blastin woz going to happen while I woz there az that wud be very scardy. Fortunately all woz quiet now,no blastin and no trainz.

Just past the quarry the railway didz stop but long ago it didz go over a viaduct which woz very high. The viaduct woz now only used for cycling and walkin on. We didz only

go on a bit before we duz go back. We didz stop for a rest and then we didz walk back to me holiday cottage. Thiz time I didz make sure I didz hav some wees left after all whats the point of doin such a long walk if I can’t leave me wee mails to tell all the other doggies.

When I didz get back I woz tired out and didz do long snoozins before dinner time. I didz fink though if I they duz walk me like thiz much more I’ll end up lookin like a skinny whippet! luckily a big dinner and treets did come along later so I fink I’m going to be ok phew!

Byez for now

Paddy xx


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