Woodland Walk

Yay I iz on me autum holiday in Okehampton and today we haz been on a woodland walk. I woz a bit scardy to go at first coz itz not been nice weather and the wind woz blowin and makin the trees make a loud roarin noize…gulp!

We set off down the path towards the old tramlines wood. Coz we haz had lots of rain in the nite it woz muddy. The long path didz take us along the woodland trail next to the river which woz runnin fast but notz as fast as I culd go if I woz runnin.


The fast movin river in the woods

We carried on havin to dodge a rain shower or two and then the river didz get closer and we didz have to go under a big bridge. Me daddy didz sayz the big bridge woz takin the railwayz lines over the woods and the river and woz called a viaduct. Had the weather been better I’d hav gone for a paddle in the river but today it woz cold,wet and the river woz runnin too fast. I did stop for photo shoot though.

Just past the viaduct there woz a bridge over the river and we didz walk back to our holiday cottage. by the time I woz back me pawz woz wet,muddy and tired. I had no wees left too and I woz happy to sees me bed.

Time for long soozins now Zzz

Bye for now

Paddy xx


3 thoughts on “Woodland Walk

  1. No wees left? 😨 Paddy, that’s an emergency. When I run out, I still put my leg up – appearances matter. I think you are very brave for going out in the noisy wind, and very lucky to be having such a great holiday. The woods look fantastic.
    Monty 🐾


  2. Hello Paddy – Mum and I can’t do mud except in face packs but we do love a woodland walk. Sometimes I get a bit windy but I don’t think it’s weather related. You and GoodBoyTed would be great chums – he loves weeding too.😱😱😱

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