Seaside Meeting

Last week I woz down me holiday caravan havin a weekend short break at the seaside. As it woz nice we didz decide to go over the beech and see the sea and have a walk on the sand. This did soundz like fun so I woz up for me walk.

IMG-20170813-WA0008When we didz get to the beech I didz see that the seaside had come close hup to meet me to says hello. I didz dip me paws in the water and it woz cold. Brrr I didz jump back a bit as I didn’t fink it wud be so coldy but I didz soon get used to it.

Then me mommy didz fink it woz a good idea for us to on a run down the beech while daddy didz take our photo


As we were walkin back hup the beech we didz see lots of other dogs havin fun on the sand but then we didz see a little girl greyhound havin a paddle in the sea. I didz go hup to say hello carefully as her leed didz say “nervous” but it woz ok to do careful snuffles. Me new frend turned out to be little Jess from Daybreaks and her super family duz also hav a caravan holiday place. I woz having a greyt time sayin hello to everyone and didz luvs the little Jack Russel she woz super cute.

IMG-20170813-WA0011 Mommy sed we will go to the beech more often now so we duz hopes to see little Jess and her family agen next time we duz go to the seaside. It iz a small world.

Bye for now

Paddy xx


2 thoughts on “Seaside Meeting

  1. I love the sand in my paws too Paddy – but not the water🐾🐾🐾 lovely to see you enjoying your holibobs with your hoomans – and a new friend too – what could be better – fish and chips maybe? 🦀🦀🦀😀😀


  2. Hello Paddy! It is all excited to meet a little lady greyhound from the Daybreaks Kennels. The Fairy did meet a little lady greyhound from the Daybreaks Kennels a few weeks ago, and is going to writes about her. Doggies from Daybreaks does get everywhere!
    Chicken 🐾

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