Please Help Me Frend Tommy

Me Aunti Ruth didz send me an email tellin me about me frend Tommy who iz still waitin for hiz forever home at Daybreaks but he iz ill and duz need your help.

The other day the blood tranfushun people didz come to daybreaks. The greyt fing wiv us houdies iz we can give blood that can save poorly dogs. Thiz time my frend Tommy woz going to give blood but it woz discuvered that his hart wozn’t workin properly. Thiz didz come as a shock and me aunti Ruth iz going to take him to see a spehalist who will see if he can hav sum tablits to make him betta.

Thiz will cost lots of munnies so me and Tommy will be very grateful if you culd spare sum treet munnies to help.

Thank you very much from Paddy and Tommy xx

Urgent Plea for Tommy

Tommy was admitted for investigations and unfortunately he has serious problems with his heart which need more intensive investigation before it can be determined if medication can help him.

This would involve a referral to a specialist in Telford which is going to cost the Trust a substantial amount.

If you think you could help towards the cost of treatment for Tommy, please please donate via the ‘donate’ button below his page.

Every penny counts.

Thank You

Tommy at the vets being checked

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