Me Baff

On Saturday last wick I duz go to the kennels to hav a make over treet. To me it duz seem like I woz bein like one of them celbrities on TV that duz go for ages in the salon for loadz of pamperin and I duz says I didz like it…bein famous that is too. I iz a legend in Daybreaks history coz I iz known as Paddy wiv only one ear.

I went in and me personal assistent Lorna she duz put me in the baff first. This woz to wosh me luvly shiny black coat and I duz getz a massage too. Then I getz a manicure and me pawz all checked,thiz didz tickle a bit he he. I haz a luvly blow dry and then sum nice smellin stuff on me coat too.

Luvly Lorna duz checkin me teefs too so I can still do me eatins and then I woz dun. I came out to me daddy who woz talking to me Aunti Ruth and Aunti Kate and guess what he duz sayz…Paddy you smell like a tarts hanky!

Charmin! bet you don’t say that to all the hounds. But I didz come out supa clean and fluffy and happy.

Byez for now

Paddy xx

I iz ready for anuva baff….got me hat on to keep worter out me ear!

5 thoughts on “Me Baff

  1. Paddykins, your little posts do make us smile. Mom reads them to us & she’s just shown us the photo of you in your posh ‘baff hat’. All the houndies will be wanting one! Look forward to hearing your next updates. Big licks, Rosie & Brae xx

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  2. Thank you Rosie and Brae,luvly to hear from you. I didz enjoy me baff and I can recommend a makeover with Lorna. More adventures soon I hope Paddy xx


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