Party Time

Today we haz been to the birthday gardin party at Daybreaks Kennels. Its been 11 years since me Aunti Ruth didz open Daybreaks and didz rescue meself and loads of other supa racin houndies when we haz retired. Me daddy didz sayz she shud get an award for all the hard work she and all the volunteers duz do for the houndies.

Itz been a lovely day and it woz greyt to see so many of me old frends. We woz watchin old Foxy he woz the party animal and we didz fink he woz supa. Foxy had it all worked out, a veteran of many a social gathering he didz go round greetin all the gests bein supa friendly but this woz a cover to getz foodies and treets from everyone. We didz spend time watchin him and he didz getz lotz and lotz and lotz. He didz eatin bergers and jackit potato and bred and just about everyfing goin.

Veteran Foxy having some foodies from Uncle Norman

It wos a supa party gathering,lots of hound frends for me to bottom sniff wiv. Later I didz lye down under the bushes in the shade to do chillin out wiv me daddy.

Poor old Foxy woz doin his party stuff with the ladies too but Star wozn’t impressed. She didz do tellin him too. It woz a supa party and we didz all get bergerz and cheeze and yummies all round.

We iz lookin forward to the next party…yay! Paddy xx


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