I’m Back Home After Supa Holiday

I iz back home now after having a supa holiday in North Devon. I’ve had lots of adventures walkin in the woodz although it woz very hot at first it did cool down a bit later in the week.

I haz been to old railway gardins, I’z had lots of river paddles…even got me daddy to come in the river too coz it woz hot. I’z had lotz of treets,creem teas and supa big dinners. I’z met hup wiv artist Brian Andrew again and hiz doggie frends and I’z been hup Exmoor to see ponies and sheepies grazin on the hills. I’z met new frends too.

Itz been just supa but best of all woz me holiday snoozins…had lotz of them he he.I’m dreemin of me next big hadventure.

Bak home now…holidayz are hard work!

Byez for now woofs Paddy xx


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