On me holidays agen Part 3

Today was so hot, it didz get to 31c here and I woz meltin. Even wiv me cool coat on it woz too much.

As it woz so hot we didz only go out for a short time. Today we didz go to Lynmouth and we didz call in to see me favorit artist Mister Brian Andrew and his luvly dogs who I duz luvs to do bottom sniffing wivs. Last year we didz buy his sculpture of a lying down hound and this duz lie in the window at home.


Brian Andrew is famous for his crackle glaze finish to his work so every sculpture is unique. Today he didz show us his latest work which we didz think was super.

While mommy and daddy woz decidin what to buy I did make frends agen wiv Brian’s dogs. Mommy didz sayz to be careful wiv me tail coz its such a waggin tail she woz worrid in case I didz wag too much and knock sumfing off the shelf.

After a while we didz decide to buy a sittin dog and a hare mainly coz daddy cudn’t make hup his mind so he didz buy them both. Brian didz box them hup for us while we didz go for a creem tea,yummy!

These are the sittin dog and the hare we bought

We collected our sculptures and Brian didz pose for a photo wiv his luvly dogs for us


If you duz be in North Devon any time we can recomend a visit to Brian’s studio.

His website is http://www.northdevonarts.co.uk/atmember_25.html

Address:Woodside Court, Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth , EX35 6EP.

More adventures to come later…TTFN Paddy xx


2 thoughts on “On me holidays agen Part 3

  1. Those sculptures are so beautiful Paddy. I am not surprised your dad bought two,of them🐾🐾🐾. There has been a lovely sea breeze today so I have not been so hot. Me and mum took some of my birthday invitations round to our pals. And then I had a little nap. Be careful in the heat – have extra ice cream. Big wags Daisydog X

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