On me holiday agen Part 2

When me daddy didz sayz to me that we woz visiting a garden I woz a bit hexcited. I duz like gardens as I can help wiv waterin the plants me thinks. It haz been very hot here on our holidayz so me mommy duz sayz that I needz me cool coat on today as well as me cool bandana as it will be very hot visitin the gardinz.

We didz go in the car which fortunately has air con to helps keep me cool.After a while we didz stop and park at the garden we woz visitin. The place we woz callin at was called Venn Cross and I didz hear me daddy talkin to the man that lived in the house. This woz a special garden as it used to be a railway station and engine house where big noisy scary steam trainz did go past but its alright coz the railway woz gone now and it was just a nice garden full of flowers and sum railway fings which daddy was interested in.

Here I iz wiv mommy

We didz look all round the gardens, we are standing here right where trainz used to run but that woz a long time ago.

Although it woz a hot day I didz enjoy meself and lots of peeple didz ask about me cool coat. It duz keep me cool when its hot. Me mommy and daddy did spend a lot of time promotin greyhoundz and I duz be me normal friendly self so peeple finks I woz supa big handsome boy.

A bit later on I duz hear me daddy sayz he wanted to see the tunnel. I waznt sure about the tunnel so I didz stay wiv mommy. I haz herd stories of dragons livin in tunnels so I woz a bit scardy.

The bestest part for me…Tea and cakes yum.

Tea and cake yummy

More holiday adventures to come me thinks…Paddy xx


3 thoughts on “On me holiday agen Part 2

  1. You are a super big greyhound! The people were right. I’m glad for you that there were no noisy trains. I wouldn’t have gone if there was anything noisy around. That dragon was probably scared to come out with you around. 🐉
    Monty and Chicken 🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are having a lovely holiday but Paddy is feeling the hot weather even with a cool coat on. It would be a long wait for a train in that garden 😄


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