On me holiday agen Part 1

I iz on me holiday agen and i’z havin a greyt time here in North Devon. If you duz remember I didz stay here last year and as it woz so nice we haz decided to come back for more holiday adventures.

Today it haz bin so hot, I didz need me cool bandana so I duzn’t melt in the sun. Thiz mornin we did’z go to the village nearby called Dulverton. Thiz woz good coz there woz a luvly river running by a large grassy area. As we woz walkin in the high street we didz meet a luvly dog called Jasper. He woz super friendly like me and we didz say hello in typical greyhound fashun. Jasper woz like me but he woz also part collie too.

We didz walk down the high street to the river side. I duz luvs havin a paddle and as it woz so hot I didz go into the river to cool meself down.

A bit later on I duz see Jasper agen and he duz luvs the river too. He woz supa cool as he didz lyin down in the river but I just went in hup to me tummy. I finks me daddy woz finkin that I’d swim away but it woz a bit rocky under the water,I haz to be careful not to hurty me pawz.

After the river I didz walkin along the river bank in the shade before we didz go back to the holiday cottage. We didz see sum nice people who didz like me cool bandana and they didz say I woz a luvly boy.

Me stay cool bandana….certainly worked to keep me cool.

More holiday adventures to come!

Paddy xx


3 thoughts on “On me holiday agen Part 1

  1. You look very cool Paddy – and that water looks so inviting. Hope you get an ice cream or three to help with the heat. Here at the seaside it is very hot so I am mostly resting. Salty wags Daisydog. X

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    1. Thank you Daisy, you have just reminded me about ice creams. I make sure I gets one or three as I luvs ice cream. The river was so nice on a hot day xx


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