I iz Confoosed

The munth of April haz been very strange me finks. The crazy weather haz had me confoosed all munth.

We started cold then all of a sudden it woz warm and I didz fink summer woz not far away. We didz go to Stratford walk wiv no coats on for the first time thiz year and I didz fink it woz supa. Then winter and Jack frost didz come bak and it woz chilly agen. In no timez at all it woz bak to me winter coat and fleecy jarmies at night. We didz even hav sum snow last week!

So you can sees why I iz confoosed. Just in case I duz getz too cold the uvva day me mommy didz wrap me hup and sed I needz to keep me ears warmest too. Mommy’s duz do lotz of wurryin about me butz I woz ok.

Letz hope the munth of May will be warmer coz I’z lookin forward to creem teas and lyin in the sun doin me snoozingz

Paddy xx

Here I iz sooted and booted all wrapped hup for me walk coz it woz cold out!

2 thoughts on “I iz Confoosed

  1. The padster I think that’s a lily peeps coat – I have one just like it with a bright pink fleece lining – mostly at the seaside it has been cold so we have been having coffee and a little something in our favourite places and only doing tiny walks. But Spring is nearly here – I have a new bandana – so I know it must be almost time for sunny days. Xx


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