My Special Visit

Today I haz been on a special visit to see me nanny. I alwayz did used to go to see me nanny every saturday but she haz been poorlies for a while now and she duz hav to liv in a care home now as she izn’t safe on her own anymore. Thiz duz make me sad coz I didz like to go and play in me nannys garden and hav lotz of treets too.

I didz go to see nanny wiv me daddy in the car and I woz hexcited to be goin out. Me daddy duz hexplain that we duz hav to go in a fing called a lift but az I hazn’t seen a lift before I duzn’t know whot that meenz. when we didz get to the care home we duz go inside and there woz  a nice lady inside who didz sayz hello to me. daddy didz put me name in the viziting book to sayz I woz here,thiz duz make me feel hinpotant. Then we didz go into thiz big metal box fing and the door did shut and I woz a bit scardy incase we woz stuck! Me silly back leg didz do shakin a bit but before I cud fink about doin squeekin the door did open agen and we walked out. Me daddy didz sayz I woz a big brave boy in the lift and I didz then realize wot a lift woz!…don’t fink I like it much.

We didz then go into me nanny’z new little house and she woz doin sleepin. But we didz sayz hello and nanny duz wakin hup and she woz very pleezed to see me there too. I didz me special noze snuffles hello and had a treet too. Then the lady wot duz lookin after me nanny didz come in and says hello to me too. She didz sayz I woz a supa big hansum boy,well thiz didz make me feel specialz and in no time I  woz givin kisses to all the nice peeple.

I’m Havin a treet from me nanny

The time didz come for me to hav to say gudbye and to go back to me home to do snoozin in me bed so I didz sayz bye to everyone and then I didz hav to be brave in the lift agen.

I did enjoy bein able to visit nanny today and I duz hope to be able to go agen and maybe we can go out in the garden next time I duz visit.

Paddy xx

Here I iz lyin on me vet bed in nanny new home.

2 thoughts on “My Special Visit

  1. You is a big bigger hero Paddy! I did tell Monty about the big lifting and he did say you is bravy brave. I does think your nanny loved seeing you and the lady who did say you is handsome is very correct, because you is all handsomeness.
    Chicken 🐾


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