Mystery Gest

The uvva day me mommy was doin sum cleanin and tydein of me bed area and also in the back room where they duz sit and use the computa fing. There is also a nice sofa in there too.

Well while me mommy woz cleanin she didz says that there woz dog hair on the sofa! Well I duzn’t go in there meself so I didz fink we haz had a mistery gest in me home so I didz fink it woz time for me to do sum hinvestigatin.

I didz do sniffin round me bed…perhaps the mistery dog didz sleep in me bed when I woz hupstairs. I then did sniffin and serchin in the eatin room. I duz getz a bit wurrid in case the mistery dog had eatin all me bernz foodies but that woz there so I stayed long enuff to getz a bisgit,thiz hinvestigatin is hard work!

I didz continue me huntin and sniffin but I duzn’t find hanyfing out of place and all woz normal so I didz the only fing I could and I didz go back to do sleepin in me bed.

I didz arrive at the conclushen that the mistery dog woz ( based on me evidence ) a big black hound who duz likes bisgitz and treats and sleepin on the sofa when his mommy wozn’t lookin!!

I haz no idea who he might be though he he

Paddy xx



One thought on “Mystery Gest

  1. This is a serious situation which you cannot afford to ignore. I’m going to suggest a plan of action which I have drawn up for your approval.
    1. Take every bit of food you can lay your hands on, and hide it in your bed. This is simply a precaution but worth the effort.
    2. Shadow your mommy as often as possible, writing down any suspicious behaviour. Accept any treats she offers you as normal, to avoid her discovering your surveillance.
    3. Lay in wait on that sofa whenever you are not occupied elsewhere. Doing this will ensure you capture any rogue greyhounds. Pretending to be asleep is a good ploy.

    Good luck. Let us know if you catch anything. Over and out.
    Agent Monty


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