Out and About

It haz been a while since I didz hav an hadventure so didz fink it woz time I woz out and about to sees what I cud getz hup to.

Last Sunday me daddy didz want to getz sum snow drops for the garden so we didz go out to a garden centre. I duzn’t knowz whot snow drops woz but I woz happy to go out and sees wot they woz and to hav an hadventure.

We didz get to the garden centre and I woz hexcited to hav a look round. I iz a helpful hound and I likes to help out wheneva I can and I duz know that me garden at home duz need waterin to keeps the plants growin to make flowers. I duz hav bilt in waterin and didz me bit in keepin the plants watered. Daddy didz says we didn’t need hany firtilizer!!! Wot didz he mean??

As it woz cold outside I woz glad to get back hinside to warm hup. We woz walkin inside wiv our snow drops which I discovered woz not sweetie fings but nice little flowerz for me garden. As we woz walkin back I didz meet a tiny little puppy dog who woz bein carried by his daddy az he woz new to the big wide world. We didz stop and I woz tryin to sayz hello. The nice man didz lower the little puppy for me to sayz hello and we didz do noze snuffles wiv very waggy tails. I duz luvs all dogz and people and it woz luvly to sayz hello to the puppy.

We then stayed for coffee and cakes, I had sum cake and it woz yummy. We didz sit in a special area that duz allows me to stay and even better woz all the uvva friendly dogz there too. I didz henjoy meself lotz.

We went outside afterwardz for a short walk before we went home and I woz a bit puzzled to seez lumpz of mud on the grass…wot cud it be? Me daddy didz sayz that they woz mole hillz. I didz sniffin of the hillz but I duzn’t seez a mole but there must hav bin lotz of them as the hillz woz all over the grass.

When we got home I was soon hupside down tired out after me day out. I did do dreemin of weein on snow drops and diggin for moles.

Paddy xx



3 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. what a super day out Paddy. I love garden centres too. I hope the snowdrops look lovely in your garden – they are so pretty. Don’t wee on them too much! xx


  2. I hope you took appropriate action to prevent the moles following you home. You can never be too careful.
    Chicken says that if there is snow of any kind in your garden then it is Christmas. She says you can ask for presents. πŸŽ„
    Monty 🐾❀🐾

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