Merry Chrissmas From Paddy

Deer frends,

I iz wishin you all a merry chrissmas. Me day didz start much like it alwayz duz wiv me walk hup the woodz wiv daddy. We didz see me frends big Edd and Alice on the way and we didz say mornin and merry chrissmas.

After we didz getz home and I’d had me brekfast I didz check me stockin hangin hup for santa paws. I woz pleesed to see he didz come in the night but I must hav bin too sleepies to notice him come in. I wud have dun bottom sniffin wiv the raindeers.

After me brekfast I iz alwayz sleepin but I duz find sum energies to open me presents from Santa. I cud only manage it lyin down though.

Have a greyt day

Luv Paddy xx


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