Me New Hat

Deer Frends,

Two years ago today woz the day that I didz go to live in me forever home. I didn’t realize back then that I wud be havin so many happy times and hadventures wiv me mommy and daddy. The time haz gone so fast.

Az you may knowz I duz only hav one ear. Thiz izn’t a problem when I iz listenin for the fridge door to open  or if there iz any eatins to be done. Me mommy duz fink she can do eatins finkin that I iz asleeps…how silly. But only having one ear when we duz go out walkin can be a bit of a problem. If its rainin I duz getz worter go in me ear and recently I duz find me ear iz very cold in the frost weather.

Me mommy didz fink I needed a new hat to keeps me hed warm so I didz do walkin in me new hat (I duz also hav a matchin scarf too). Me ear woz nice and cozy even if I didz look a bit funny.

Wot do you fink…..Paddy xx

In me new hat…me gotcha prezzy xx

5 thoughts on “Me New Hat

  1. Hi Paddy.I think your new hat looks very smart and will certainly keep you nice and cosy on these winter days. Happy Gotcha Day! It dosn’t seem that long ago since I was walking you at Daybreaks. It was also very nice to see you at the party last Sunday. Milly sends you a nose lick. xx

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  2. Paddy you’re a gorgeous boy whatever you wear, but must just say that your choice of hat really suits you. You look the ‘bees knees’. Big licks, Rosie & Brae xx


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