I’z Not Well :-(

The last few dayz I hazn’t been feelin well,In fact itz bin a about free munths really. The problem I iz havin trubble wiv iz me noze! Me daddy duz sayz I duz stick where I shudn’t sumtimes!

When I woz on me holidayz in me holiday cottidge that I didz rite about I didz hav trubble wiv me noze. I didz do lots of sneezin and when i didz sneezin horrible stuff didz come out and didz make me feel sick.

I didz go to see a nice vetz lady on holiday who duz gives me sum tablits and didz stick a needul in me too! I didz do squeekin then coz I izn’t the bravest hound.

When we didz get bak home from me holidayz I didz get hup one mornin and I didz do a big sneeze and me noze duz clear and I didz feel betta.

Hunfortunatly this didn’t last and last week I didz hav to go to me luvly vet lady called Cara who didz take sum speshul pictures of me noze that didz show wot woz inside. She didz sayz that there woz nuffin nasty and that it might be an hinfecshun and I duz hav more tablits to take. Me tablits getz rapped hup in chiken but I knowz that if I eatz the chiken and letz the tablit fall out of me mouth I getz more chiken to eatz he he.

I am feelin better now butz I iz still havin nasty stuff sneeze out of me noze.I iz hopin thiz will stopz soonest.

Paddy xx

I iz feelin sorry for meself after me hex rayz at the vetz

5 thoughts on “I’z Not Well :-(

  1. Oh Paddykins, sorry to read about your poorly nose. Hope it gets better for you soon, but in the meantime, keep dropping that tablet to get lots more chicken! Big licks Rosie & Brae xx

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  2. You poor thing! I hope you are getting better now. Sniffing things is nearly as important as weeing on things, so you need your nose to be in tip top condition. Are you sure you haven’t got Chicken stuck up there? She gets up my nose all the time.
    Monty 🐾

    Monty does smell.
    Chicken ❤️

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