Yogert Pot Incident

The uvver day me silly mommy didz get a yogert from the the fridge. She duz alwayz fink that I iz asleep and I won’t knowz about it (ha ha no chance!). I iz like many houndies az I duz hav a built in radar sistem and when you duz fink i’m out of it you iz wrong!

Well me radar sistem didz detect the fridge door opening,thiz duz trigger yellow alert…standby to getz in the kitchin. When I duz detect the lid coming off the pot I iz instantly there… red alert treet timez there’s eatins goin on!

Todayz woz different coz me mommy duz bring the yogert pot into the lounge to eatz it and I duz hav one eye on the pot as usual. Then me luck woz in coz me mommy didz hav to go to ansa a knock at the door and she duz leeve the pot on the side. I duz waste no time in helpin meself after all it woz in me face so I duz bit it. When me mommy duz come bak she duz realize wot woz happenin but it woz too late coz I had neerly eaten it all up as it woz yummy. Poor mommy duz hav to go bak to the fridge to get anuvva yogert. She didz fink it woz funny though so I duz hope the door duz get knocked agen at yogert time.

I duz luvs me yogertz…I iz cheef yogert pot cleaner he he

Paddy xx



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