My Exmoor Holiday Part 4

Tarr Steps

On this day me mommy and daddy didz sayz we woz goin to visit Tarr steps up on Exmoor. I woz a bit puzzled and I duzn’t know wot to hepect but I duz jump in the car and we duz go out agen on me next hadventure.

We duz drive out over Exmoor and az alwayz I woz lookin out to seez wot I cud seez. We didz seez the Exmoor ponies agen and lotz and lotz of fesents. Then we arrived and me daddy duz park the car and we duz do walkin down a path towardz the river. We duz getz close to the river and I cud hear water.

The river woz luvly and then I duz seez this stone bridge fing going right over the river to the uvva side. Thiz woz Tarr Steps.It woz great and I wonted to walk on it so me and daddy didz go over the stones and the river didz go under us on the way.It woz supa hexcitin and we didz then go back over agen back to mommy. The river woz very close to us as we crossed on the bridge.


Bak over the uvva side agen I didz fink it woz fun to hav a paddle in the river. It woz a luvly warm sunny day so I didz luv the river.I didz go in the water rite hup to me tummy and me daddy didz say I woz a real water baby. I didz meet a borda colly called Jenny and she didz like the river too. We didz paddle togevva in the water then it woz time for a riverside walk. We didz go along the river bank among the tall treez and after a while we came to another bridge. We crossed this to walk back along the river agen back to the stone Tarr steps. We woz neerly bak when daddy didz see a sign sayin “Tea Room” Thiz woz supa as we didz then hav tea and some yummy lemon and lime cake,I didz get sum cake and then sum gravy bones too it woz greyt he he.

While we woz havin our tea we didz look down at the river to sees a groop of horses being riden through the river by Tarr steps bridge. It woz nice to seez the horses go through then ride off into the woodz. Later after our tea we didz go back to the river for another paddle and I didz sees sum more horses too.

Watching More Horses

Daddy didz then decide it woz time for anuvva treet,too rite I duz fink. We didz hav ice creem…me favorit.

By the time we didz go bak to the car to goes bak to me holiday cottage I woz tired out. I got bak to me bed and I woz sleepin supa qwik…faster than you cud say denta sticks. In me dreemz I woz walkin wiv me frendz from Daybreaks on a supa greyhound walk over Tarr steps bridge and through the woodz.


It woz a special day…luvs Paddy xx



4 thoughts on “My Exmoor Holiday Part 4

  1. Paddy it sounds like you have had a super special holibobs. It’s been fun catching up on all your hadventures by the seaside and in the countryside – so happy you had so much fun, and plenty of eatins!! xx


  2. It is always worth taking people on holiday with you, as they have a natural and highly developed ability to seek out Tea Rooms.
    You does all sleep like Monty donty – on your back with your mouth open! BOOM! BOOM!
    Chicken 🐾

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