My Exmoor Holiday Part 3

Quince Honey Farm and Instow Beach

The next day daddy didz say that we woz going to visit a place where they duz make hunny. I duz luvs hunny out of the jar at home so I duz fink that thiz will be an hexciting day. We didz set off for Quince hunny farm straight after me brekfast.

While we woz drivin to the hunny farm I duz fink to meself….where duz the hunny come from! Well I duz listen to mommy and daddy talkin and they duz sayz that bizy bees duz visit flowers like in our gardin at home and they duz take it bak to their hive and makez it into hunny. I woz a bit puzzled az to how they duz thiz so I didz fink that I might seez it happenin.

We got to the hunny farm and we didz go inside to look at the cleva bizy beez working to make hunny. I woz even allowed inside wiv mommy and daddy but we had to go hup large lotz of stairz to sees the bizy bees. Fortunately thiz iz where me daddy duz come in handy az he duz carry me hup to seez the bees. I did look all round and I duz see the bees makin hunny in their hives and then flyin awayz to find more flowers. The bestest part woz when we went bak down we woz allowed to taste the hunny….me daddy didz fink it woz yummy but I woz not too sure. Maybe hunny izn’t me favorit after all!

After we didz leeve the hunny farm we didz go to a place called Instow. I had heard aboutz Instow from me bestest frends Ed and Alice,they didz say the beech woz nice there and it woz by the seaside. Well I didz find the beech and it woz luvly to hav the sand in me pawz agen. We didz a walk hup the beech and then we didz find a nice beech hut that didz hav creem tees. Just likes Lynmouth they iz me favorit. The nice beech hut lady didz hav a big water bowl out for me and all the uvva doggies for drinkin but az it woz a hot day I didz get a bit carrid away and I didz put me paw in too to cool off.

Further along the sea frunt we didz come to place where a railwayz did used to run over the road at Instow crossin. Me daddy duz like trainz and he woz lookin at the old signal box and crossin wiv signals. He didz say that it used to be the Atlantik Coast Hexpress line but woz now for walkin and for people to ride bikes on and most importantly for walkin houndies on.

Well I haz had yet another luvly day out on me holiday I duz fink az we woz drivin bak to the cottage….but there iz still more to come he he

Padster on tour xx


3 thoughts on “My Exmoor Holiday Part 3

  1. Ah Padster, our Mom’s been reading your latest adventure to us and it sounds greyt! We’ve visited Instow a couple of times and the beach is always busy with other dogs taking their owners for a stroll and letting them off the lead. We don’t need asking twice when we see the Hockings ice-cream van; in fact I think the driver follows us around as we always get one from him in Appledore and Bideford park too. You can’t have too many ice-cream vans (well, that’s what Dad says!) Look forward to reading Part 4; Big licks, Rosie & Brae xx

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  2. What a lovely holiday you are having Padster – me and mum loved reading about it all. Especially about the ice cream and the train – the statue is sooooo beautiful – how wonderful to find Ele on your holibobs xxxxx


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