My Exmoor Holiday Part 2

Lynton and Lynmouth

On me first full day we didz go out in the car as me mommy and daddy didz sayz we woz goin out to a place called Lynton. We set off after breakfast in the car over the Exmoor national park. I woz doin me usual lookin out the window and soon we woz hup on the moors.

Exmoor Ponies

At first I did fink it woz strange to see so much open space wiv only trees and green grass. I iz used to seein carz and roads and houses. Hup on the moors we didz see sum sheep and then we didz see sum of the Exmoor ponies. They iz wild ponies that duzn’t hav mommy’s or daddy’s to looks after them like me.

After a while we didz getz to Lynton and I duz getz out to stretch me paws and hav a walk. Then me daddy didz say we woz goin down to Lynmouth on the cliff railwayz! I’z neva heard of a cliff railway but while we woz waitin I made frends wiv a labrador who woz also waitin. Then a bell didz ring and the railway car didz pop hup and we didz get on. I woz hexcited as it woz me first eva ride on a train. Daddy and me didz stand at the back as we cud get a bestest view out as the train didz go down the big hill. Half way down the uva train goin hup didz pass us. Soonest we woz at the bottom and we didz get off. The nice driver man didz say hello to me and he didz say I woz a hansome lad. The ticket lady didz stamp me very own ticket and we woz then in Lynmouth by the seaside.

I duz luvs me holidayz and even betta when they duz involve foodies. It woz hungry work bein on the cliff railwayz so I woz supa pleesed when we didz stop for a creem tea in a luvly tea garden cafe. I duz luvs creem and I duz make sure the pot woz empty before we duz leeve as itz me favourit. We didz carry on then as we woz lookin for an art studio the me frendz Ed and Alice sed woz here.

We didz find the art place and I woz allowed inside to look too. The art man Brian didz say hello to me and then I suddenly found I had new frends. Mister Brian had 3 dogz who had all come to sayz hello….whippet Rosie,Bedlington Willow and greyhound Bob. I didz fink this woz supa fun and me tail didz do hextra waggin but me daddy woz worrid in case it did hit the luvly fings in the shop. After a while mommy and daddy didz buy a greyhound statue and nice mister Brian didz wrap it hup for us to take home.Me mommy didz sayz it looked like Ele me sisfur who didz go to rainbow bridge.

Statue Ele

We didz walk back along the shops and then back to the cliff railwayz to go back to our car.The nice cliff railway man didz hold hup the train at the top so that mommy cud take me photo.

At top station

We didz go back to our car and set off bak to the holiday cottage over the luvly Exmoor park butz I woz too sleepy by thiz time to see much as I did snooze all the way back but I haz had a luvly day…wot an hadventure

Paddy xx

Part 3 soonest




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