My Exmoor Holiday Part 1

I haz just had a wonderful week away on me holidayz. Thiz time I didz go to a different holiday place. When I duz go on me holidayz I duz normally go to me holiday home in Somerset. Thiz time we didz go to a cottage near to a  place called Bampton that duz be near Exmoor park.

When we duz getz to the holiday cottage I woz hexcited and I didz want to hexplore everywhere supa qwik. Me Daddy didz empty the car and I didz go inside to hav a look round…I woz happy to sees me bed from home had also come awayz on holidayz too. I didz fink to meself that thiz woz going to be a big hadventure.

Lookin Out of The Cottage Window…Itz Luvly Here

One fing I didz sees woz that the cottage woz in the countryside and it woz quiet wiv green fields and treez everywhere. I didz even hav me own garden to run round just like at home,it woz greyt. Then We didz go on an hexploring walk in the woodz and it woz fun. I didz do so many weez that i did run out and me daddy didz sayz that I woz just goin through the moshuns and liftin me leg but I duzn’t hav any weez left. The only fing I cud do then woz to hav a poo! Thiz will tell everyone that Paddy woz ere he he.

Later on when we haz settled in and I haz had me dinner it duz be time for me evenin walk.When I didz go out it woz very dark…neerly as dark as me and me daddy didz hav a torch so he cud sees me and sees where we woz goin. Also I iz used to heerin carz go past and fings at home on me walks here I duzn’t hear a fing. But hen we duz heer a funny sound….it didz go t’wit ta’woo! Me mommy and daddy didz sayz it woz an owl makin the sound. I didz fink that I shud sayz hello to Mr and Mrs owl but I woz a bit scardy so I didz just listen insted.

At Nite It Woz as Dark Az Me Hexcept For The Moon

Soon we woz bak inside and I woz soon sleepin (after me treet). I duz be dreemin of me holidayz hadventures and tomorrow will be a big supa hadventure dayz me finks.

Byz for now….Part 2 comin soon….Paddy xx




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