I woz Shut In!!

In the mornin when me daddy haz to go to do workins he duz getz hup early to take me out for me mornin wees and poos! Well the uvva day we woz goin out and I woz walkin sort of half asleeps hup the road to the woodz where I duz luvs goin. We duz be goin along and I woz reedin wee mails and sniffin and moochin along. I duz do wot I haz to do….me wees to let me frends know that I haz been there and I duz hav to smile to meself watchin me daddy pikin hup me poos he he.

After we haz got back home I duz goes back to snoozins and me daddy duz go off to do workin. I woz lyin snoozin and waitin for me mommy to getz hup to do me brekfast. I duz luvs me brekfast and hany foodies I can find reely. Well this mornin I did getz a bit bored of lyin down so I didz getz hup and had a drink then I didz go into the other room where me mommy and daddy duz sit at the computa fing to do ritins and stuff. I didz hav a wunder round the room but then I didz sees that the door had shut on its own and I woz stuck! At first I didz not worry as me mommy wud be commin to sees me very soonest…but then wot if me mommy duzn’t find me and I woz finkin I woz to be stuk for a longest timez. I didz start to getz a bit scardy so I duz do squeekins to let me mommy knowz I woz in trubble. Very soonest I didz hav to do barkin for helpz! wuf wuf!

Me mommy duz at first fink that I woz just shoutin for me brekfast as duz sumtimes do squeekinz of hexcitment when I hearz me foodies bein made. Gud jobz me mommy duz knowz I woz doin an i’z in trubble squeekin and wufinz.

Me mommy didz come down to find me and she woz puzzled to see me empty bed. I culd hear mommy lookin for me and didz do a paniky squeekinz…eek eek I’m stuk in here. Fortunately me mommy duz realize I woz stuk in the computa room and didz open the door and letz me out. I didz do waggin me tail and give me mommy kisses as I woz scardy bein shut in.

Lukily me ordeel didnt affect me hapitite and I duz eat me foodies duble quick but I fink I will just do sleepin on me bed from now on when me daddy haz gone to workinz.

Paddy xx


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