Fire Breathin Dragon

A while ago I woz out walkin in the woodz early on a luvly sunny Sunday mornin,Its taken me a while to tells you about thiz coz I woz scardy. I duz luvs me walks and I woz bizy doin sniffin and moochin in the grass and mindin me own bizznis. I woz so bizy readin the weemails left by me frends when theyz bin out walkin and I haz to do me wees there too so theyz duz know I haz bin there as well if you duz know whot I meen.

I was sniffin an hinterestin spot when I duz hear this roarin noize! I did lift me hed up to see wot woz makin the noize but I duzn’t see hanyfing. All woz quiet and still in the early mornin sun but I didn’t move! Then the roarin sound duz happen agen and I woz a bit scardy and didz fink it might be a good time to do runnin back home to me bed where I would be safest.

Then worst still over the top of the houses comes thiz fire breathin dragon monster! It woz big and it woz makin fire which woz wot the roarin sound woz. I didz do squeekin to me daddy to sayz we shud run awayz but he didz sayz we wud be alrite. I dudzt fink so coz I cud see peeple with the dragon in his dinner baskit wot woz flyin awayz to be eatin for hiz dinner I did fink!! At this point I duz do squeekin and barkin but then I duz fink bestest to be quiet and stay still as the dragon mite want to eat me too….I didz fink I’z not foodies for dragonz.

Fortunately the dragon didz fly hup into the sky breathin fire and we didz turn round and goez home to me mommy and me big safe bed. When we didz get near me home we didz see the dragon flyin high in the sky above me house and away.

I’z woz so pleezed he duzn’t want to eat me hup. I duz have me brekfest and then I duz snoozin and finks….I duzn’t like dragonz.

Paddy xx


6 thoughts on “Fire Breathin Dragon

  1. There’s never a dull moment for you is there Paddy. You’re so funny. We think you should ask Mom & Dad to help you write a book of all your adventures since arriving in your lovely home. Big licks, Rosie & Brae xx

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  2. You did the right thing returning to base, Paddy. It is the only safe thing that we can do when faced with dragons, as they are so unpredictable. Chicken said the dragon should be more scared of you eating IT, because greyhounds eat anything!
    Monty 🐾


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