Takin Mommy for a Run..Sort of!

Well Paddy had his Mommy good and proper the other day…picture the scene! We went for his usual walk,but put him on a longer lead to do some recall.

We had a nice long expanse of grass – all was going well until sensing  more freedom Paddy decided to run downhill full pelt with Mommy desperately clinging onto the lead determined not to let go! Poor Mommy fell flat on her face and eventually came to a stop where Paddy looked back as if to say “what are you doing down there mommy??, Do keep up!”

One pair of battered knees later I made a mental note to oneself….do not try THAT again!!

Good job we love you Padster xx

Well me mommy didnt expect that to happen! I woz enjoyin meself havin fun on me longer lead. Problem woz I did enjoyz meself too much and I duz forget me mommy woz on the other end of me lead. I didz still get me treet when I getz back home so I finks I’z still in the gud books coz I iz a gud boy reely xx


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