Mad Dogz and Inglish Men!

Dear frends,

I didz find meself gettin hot yesterday as it woz a luvly sunny summer day but me daddy didz sayz I woz silly to be lyin in the sun bein a black hound.

This mornin it woz very hot agen so I woz pantin  lotz and drinkin water too! Me daddy he didz tell me about a human called Noel Coward who didz used to sing a funny song about mad dogz and Inglish men who duz goez out in the middayz sun when its very hot. Well I didz fink about it and I izn’t mad although I iz silly sumtimez but so iz me daddy but henwayz I didz decide to stay inside in me cool bed for a while and not be like mister Coward so I duzn’t melt!

While I woz lyin and snoozin I duz fink and I duz hope that all me houndy frendz iz ok and takin care in the hot weather. Pleeze humanz make sure us houndyz haz got lotz of fresh water for drinkin and we can hav somewhere in the shade to do coolin down. If you duz fink we iz too hot then put a wet towel round our neckz for a few minutes then take it off. If you izn’t sure or you iz worrid then ring me aunty Ruth or me aunty Kate and they will tells you wot to do! (0121 782 7702)

If you duz needz to go out then best to leeve us behind as its too hot in the car todayz. Pleeze never ever leeve your houndy alone in a car not even for the time it takes me to eat a gravy bone! (Which iz very qwik..honest)

Enjoyz the summer weather but be carefulz


Bestest wishes Padster

Feelin hot hot hot!

One thought on “Mad Dogz and Inglish Men!

  1. It is all too hotty hot for us. We is sitting in front of the fan to keep cool, but Monty did say he was always cool. We has a paddling pool as well and The Fairy did say she would all use the wet towel because it is a goody idea.
    Love Chicken 🐾

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