Happy Berfday Daybreaks

Today we didz go over to Daybreaks kennels coz they woz havin a Berfday party. I duz luvs parties coz there will be lotz of eatins going on.

When we didz get to the kennel I woz so pleezed to see Aunti Ruth and Auntie Kate and lotz and lotz of me frends who like me woz once an afleet and didz do lots of racin. We woz all very lucky to be able to retire to Daybreaks when our legz woz worn out. fanks to everyone there I didz find me mommy and daddy and a lovin forever home.

hanyway I did do lotz and lotz of bottom sniffin with me houndy frends. It woz great to see Caddy and Eion and everyone else,all ex residentz of theze special kennelz. I didz do lotz of party eatins,everyone woz pleased to see me and didz know me as Paddy one ear! I didz use this to me hadvantidge and I didz get lots of bergers and cake from everyone. Caddy didz even share his big bisgit wiv me. Caddy and me woz famous celebrity houndz as I only has one ear and he duznt have a tail but thiz duzn’t stop us bein super handsum houndz.

It woz hard work bein a party hound so I woz soon sleepin when I did getz home to me big cumfy bed but it woz a great day out. Me daddy woz so pleezed to be able to see Tam before he went to live wiv his new family.

Most of all though,fank you Aunti Ruth and all the hard workin volunteers. Without your continued hard work and dedication non of this would be possible.

We duz luvs you all

Paddy xxx




3 thoughts on “Happy Berfday Daybreaks

  1. Paddy what a super day – i thought about how lucky we are to have come from Daybreaks – mum and me had a special ice cream to celebrate 10 wonderful years of rehoming hounds like us. You is indeed a handsome hound. Xx

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    1. Hi Paddy. It was so lovely to see you at the party yesterday. You and Caddy were quite famous with your one ear and his missing tail! I’m glad you had a lovely time and got lots of nice things to eat. Milly was exhausted too when we got home – it is hard work being a retired greyhound! Look forward to more posts and hope to see yiou again very soon. Loads of hugs. xx

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  2. You are all so lucky having such lovely people around you – and all that food. Don’t worry about having missing bits and pieces. I have a little bit of my ear missing, and Chicken doesn’t have all her brain 😆 but that just makes us extra adorable. We all have massive hearts.
    Monty 🐾


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