My Frends From Australia

I dids recently have a visit from me frends wot duz lives in Australia. When I didz meet them for the first time in December 2014 I woz livin in me forever home for the first time and everyfing woz new. I iz a very frendly lad as you all knowz and I iz alwayz lookin to make new frends. I woz so pleazed to see them agen.


Me frends Alan,Marion and Jacqui…They iz from Australia

Thiz time me frends wot duz live in Australia woz stayin in a country cottage while they haz come to sees me and me mommy and daddy in Ingaland. Thiz country cottage woz very nice and bestest of all they iz allowed to take me in too! I duz fink that thiz is supa special and I didz luv visitin. i duz fink that geyhoundz shud be allowed to goez anywhere.

I didz put me good boy head on and i didz be sure that I duz have a wee before I duz go inside the cottage as I might not know the way to the garden like I duz at home and if I duz become desprit I wudn’t know where to go to hav a wee!

When I woz inside I didz look out the window into the garden and I woz very hexcited to sees that there woz a wabbit on the grass. At first I did fink it might not be real as it duzn’t move but then it did move and it woz eatin the grass. The lady wot duz own the cottage she didz say that the wabbit woz norty coz he didz keep eatin the flowers. I didz fink this woz silly and I iz sure flowers duznt taste nice. After a while I duz lye down on me visitin bed and I woz watchin the wabbit. I woz just finkin that I wud luv to give the wabbit a hug wiv me teefs when Jacqui duz bring in tee and bizgits. I duz luvs bizgits so I didz forget the wabbit for a while.I didz me gud boy beggin and didz get lots of bisgits,theyz me favourit.

After we didz all hav tee and bisgits (I skipped the tee) I didz go back to the window and the wabbit had gone. I didz stare out in case he didz come back but he woz gone.

Soon then it woz time to go home to me big bed where before long I wud be sleepin and dreamin of wabbits.

Zzzz Paddy xx

Back home dreamin of wabbits

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