Recently I didz go on me first holiday of the year and thiz woz me first holiday wivout dear Ele. I didz fink it woz a bit starange bein on me own but I didz settle and I duz have me big bed in me holiday home so I woz ok.

When we didz get to bed time I didz lye down and getz ready to do snoozins. But then I did fink it woz dark and strange on me own…I didz get a bit scardy so didz go lookin for me mommy and daddy. Me daddy didz come back wiv me to me bed and stay wiv me for a few minutes to settle me down butz I did feel a bit scardy still.

I duz fink that I didz want to be wiv me mommy and daddy so I did go and find them agen and thiz time I did jump onto their bed and lye down. Me mommy did see that I woz scardy so I didz stay wiv them all nite until the mornin and I woz feelin better then.

The next day me daddy didz say that he did have only a little bit of the bed and that I didz do lotz of snorin…and me bottom did make a smell too…charmin. The main fing woz that we woz all happy like bugz in a rugz he he.

Paddy xx

Here I iz in the mornin wiv me mommy




3 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. It is good to hear you have been on your holibobs – I am sure your mum and dad don’t mind giving up all the space. I know mine don’t!!!. it is nice to remember Ele – she will be always be with you. Xxx

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