Fank You Everyone

It haz been a sad week since we didz hav to say goodbye to poor Ele. She had been ill for a while and I didz be sad that she cudn’t play wiv me in the garden anymore.

I haz been asked by me mommy and daddy to sayz a big fank youz to everyone who haz sent messigis to say how sad they woz because Ele had gone to Rainbow Bridge.We have had lotz of kind words from many frendz by email,text and comments online. They haz made me mommy and daddy’s eyes leak water a lot but they haz also been helpin to make fings better.

I will still be writin about me hadventures but it will be strange that I iz on me own now. We duz miss Ele lotz,she woz me special frend.

Fank you everyone,I will hopefully see you at some of the walks soon.

Best wishes

Paddy xx


3 thoughts on “Fank You Everyone

    1. You are one very special greyhound Paddykins and we know that you’ll have been there with gorgeous brave Ele until it was time for her to become a bright star, now looking over you all. Keep cuddling Mom & Dad and giving them lots of nose snuzzles. Big licks, Rosie & Brae xx

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  1. Oh Paddy I am so sad for you and your Mum & Dad. Ele was such a special sister and you will never forget her. I know it’s hard, but remember all the good times you had and in time you will all be able to smile without it hurting so much. Big cuddles to you and my love to your Mum & Dad. Angie xxxx

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