In Memory of Our Dear Ele

Ele (Hillcross Eileen) 14th October 2005 ~ 19th April 2016

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When we first met you in kennels in June 2009 you were stressed and frightened and a bit bewildered,but with this we could see in your lovely copper eyes there was a loving pet trying to come through.It was change you didn’t cope with and we realised this later. After all you had retired from racing and found yourself in strange kennels. Then before you knew it you were on your way to live with us.

The first few weeks were difficult and we needed help and advice along the way but we stuck at the task and eventually you settled down to life at home and your adoption was complete.

Over the coming years we had so  many funny days. We will never forget the day out in Cheddar Gorge. You had been with us for a couple of months when we decided to visit Cheddar in Somerset. Near the top of the Gorge you were startled and slipped out of your collar and ran off down the road. Fortunately the traffic was light and a man with a dog grabbed you and held you for us. After that fright we got you a harness straight away!

Ele in bed.

Many happy times followed on holidays to the Lake District, Taunton and recently at our caravan in Somerset. When we lost our first Greyhound Don in 2014 you were alone for probably the first time in your life but you coped well. Eventually we adopted Paddy to be your new friend and you bonded with him straight away. We were a bit worried as we knew you were always a bit fussy who you got on with.


The years passed by far too quickly, were did they go! Sadly in February 2016 we noticed you had become lame on your back leg. Several visits to the vets later and x-rays confirmed our worst fears that this was bone cancer. In pain the illness took away your sparkle and your happy bouncy nature but you carried on as best as you could always giving love and affection and your tail still wagging. Finally we could not bare to see you in such pain anymore and the last thing we could do for you was to help you to cross Rainbow Bridge to run free with Don and you slipped away peacefully in our arms.

We will always remember you and smile like when you paraded at the stadium live for Sky TV and promptly dumped on the track before the race. We still laugh now when we watch the video.

Farewell Ele, run free and bounce with Don and your friends free from pain.

Most of all thank you for being the most wonderful loving girl in the world, we are so proud to have had you in our lives for 7 years and devastated you have gone.

Alan Pam and Paddy xxx



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