Happy Easter (No Chocolate)

As you duz all knowz by now,I duz luvs me eatins. Eatins is whot I do bestest of all. I duz knowz that there iz lots of houndies out there who duz also luvs eatins as much az I duz. I just wonted to sayz that az its Easter I duz knowz that these funny humanz duz eatins too and they duz eatz sum strange fings! I knowz they duz eatz lots of chocolate,in fact me mommy iz alwayz tellin me daddy he duz eatz too much chocolate.

I knowz that chocolate duz probably taste yummy but my mommy and daddy duz not lets Ele and me have any coz its not gud for me tummy. Daddy sed it wud make me very ill and the angry houndz wud be in me tummy makin me sick. I duzn’t like bein sick so i knowz me daddy iz right. He did sayz to me it woz poisinous to houndies and thatz not gud!

Ele and me duz be wishin everyone a very happy Easter but pleasz don’t be givin dogz chocolate!Easter-Eggs1

Be gud houndies.

Luvs Paddy and Ele xx


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