Mister Woody!

Thiz mornin when we woz goin out for our mornin walkies we didz go to our usual walk place hup by the woodz.

We woz walkin slow coz Ele duz still hav a bad leg that woz movin slow! I duzn’t mind thiz as it givz me more time for moochin in the grass and readin the weemails left by uvva dogz. We didz get half way hup to the treez when we didz hear a funny nokkin sound hup in the treez. I didz stop and look hup but I duznt sees henyfing in the trees…but then I didz sees a funny lookin birdy hup the tree. I duznt take hany notice of birdies usually as they duz fly haway when I duz get close to them.

I didz stop and watch this birdy hup in the tree and he woz pekkin at the tree very fast and thiz woz whot woz makin the nokkin sound. The birdy woz white wiv red and had black spotz on him. Daddy didz tell me he woz a wood pekka and that he woz pekkin the tree for his foodies! This didz make me fink that maybe the treez iz taysty and that I cud do eatins the tree too! Then I didz fink that the treez woz too hard for me teefs so I will stick to me burns. Me teefs are very hinpotant for me eatins and theyz wud get broke if I didz try eatin treez.

Me daddy didz then sayz gudbye to the wood pekka and we didz carry on wiv our walk. I didz decide to call him Mister Woody and wud look for him agen next time.

Thiz iz wot he did look like

Paddy and Ele xx

Mister Woody
Mister Woody



3 thoughts on “Mister Woody!

  1. Oh you were lucky to see Mr Woodpecker. They are very pretty and make a very loud noise! We have one by our caravan in Derbyshire but I got cross with him last year as he pecked a big hole in my bluetits nesting box and stole the eggs. Their beaks are VERY sharp! Hope Elles leg improves soon. Love and hugs to you both and a woof from MIlly xx


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