Poor Ele Izn’t Well :-(

I didz go to the Sutton Park walk on Sunday wiv me daddy but me sisfur Ele cudn’t come as she izn’t well at the moment.

Her back leg duz hurty and she didz do squeekins the uvver day when she didz get hup to go for wees. I woz sad and I didz give her sum noze snuffles to try to help. Mommy and Daddy didz take her to sees the vet lady who didz give her sum medicin to make fings getz betta. The vetz did says that she haz got arfa itis in her hip joint! I woz a bit confused as I duzn’t knowz who Arfa Itis is,I hazn’t seen him! Hanywayz if he duz make Ele hurty then he can’t be nice and I duzn’t want to see him.

I didz hav a good time at Sutton catchin hup wiv me frends,doin lotz of bottom sniffins.The bestest fing woz the sosigis at the end and all the eatins everyone duz,it woz supa.I woz very grateful for Sam and Si for all the hard works they duz to make it a supa day.I duz hope very much that Ele will be able to come next time.

Durin the walk me mommy didz send us a messidge to say that Ele woz sad coz I wozn’t there to do nursin and helpin. When we didz get bak home Ele woz very pleezed to seez me and we didz do noze snuffles and playin.

Me mommy haz got lotz of remidiz to help and they iz helpin.

Paddy and Ele xx

Ele waitin by the door for Daddy and me to get back!




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