Vodafone Award,Me Email to The Editor

Dear Editor,
My name iz Paddy and I iz a retired racin greyhound. I used to run very fast at Perry Barr racin track until I retired coz me legz woz tired out. I woz very lucky to be rescued by Perry Barr RGT who didz give me lotz of luv and care. Eventually I didz get adoptid by me luvly family and I duz be henjoyin a luvly retirement in Redditch wiv me sisfur Ele,you can read me stories on me blog at https://wordpress.com/stats/adventuresofpaddyandele.wordpress.com
Hanywayz when I didz hear about the Vodafone charity award I didz instantly fink of me frends at Daybreaks Kennels. They duz work very hard to keep findin me frends their forever homez and even if it duz takes a while they neva stops lookin after us wiv lotz of TLC. The problem iz the kennels duz need some new fings to help them carry on wiv there supa work and to makes the kennels supa good and safe. If you duz speek to me Auti Ruth I iz sure she will tell you what duz needz doin.
I duz want to nominate Daybreaks Kennels for the Vodafone award to help me frends.
Fank you very much
Paddy xx
2015-11-22 12.51.20

5 thoughts on “Vodafone Award,Me Email to The Editor

  1. Paddy that is a lovely email, I bet the Vodafone man has never been emailed by a Greyhound before! Thank you for taking the time to send it, let’s all keep our fingers crossed. x

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  2. Well done Paddy. The Vodafone people cannot help but be impressed by such a superior houndie as yourself taking the time to contact them. Thank you for thinking of your friends at Daybreaks. Fingers and paws crossed! xx

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    1. Hi Jacqui and Alan. I haz told me mommy and daddy that you iz coming to sees Ele and me in May and me daddy didz sayz he haz sent you an email wiv me address in it. Sees you soon luv Paddy and Ele xx


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