Over Chrismas time and into the new year the weather haz been strange thiz year. Normally when we duz go for our walks in the wintertime we duz needz our winter coats on so that we duzn’t get cold and do shiverin. Az I woz sayin the weather haz bin a bit funny coz it wozn’t cold at all. It woz warm but it did keep rainin and rainin so allz we needed woz our rain coatz on so’s we duzn’t get wet.

The uffer day the norty weather didz change and it duz get cold out and also we duz needz our jarmies on at nite too! Yezterdayz it woz very cold and we didz do shiverin. I didz curl hup into a ball and I didz do a bit of squeekin too. Fortunately me mommy duz do worryin about lotz of fings and she duz getz sad if Ele and me izn’t happy houndies. Me mommy duz come to me rescue and she duz turn hup the heetin and gives me lotz of hugz to make me and Ele getz warmer and we be’z happy.

Here I iz all curled hup

When we didz go for our mornin walk today it woz very cold and frosty! Ele n me didz do our weez double qwik so that we cud getz back to our warm bedz.

Pleeze remember to tell your mommyz and daddyz to make sure youz iz not cold on these winter nightz and dayz. I duz hav to remind mine wiv squeekin or woofin too sumtimez.

We iz lookin forward to spring nowz.

Take care out there

Paddy and Ele xx


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