Christmas Happy Times

Dear frends,

We duz hope that you have all had a very nice Crissmas time and that Santy paws did brings you lots of nice fings. We didz hav new toyz to play wiv,they woz good but I didz hav to keep a close eye on mine as Ele duz be very good at killin me squeekies wiv her teefs.

One fing me teefs iz good at doin(apart from me eatins)is unrappin me presents from Santy.I iz very careful to take off the paper to sees whot iz inside.Me mommy duz sayz I iz cleva!!

After we didz do unrappin it woz dinna time. Dinna iz me favorit and we didz hav terkey and sosigis wiv bacon on.Me daddy didz sayz they iz called piggies in blankits…supa yummies I duz call it.

After having such a luvly day I duz needz to hav me snoozes.I duz keep me new fesent squeeky very close so’s Ele can’t kill it for me! I duz luv Crissmas….Zzzz Paddy and Ele xx

Sleepin wiv me fesent

3 thoughts on “Christmas Happy Times

  1. It sounds like you and Ele had a super duper day Paddykins. You are very lucky houndies… just like us. We wish you a very happy 2016, big lick Rosie & Brae xx

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  2. Paddy it looks like you had a lovely time, and you are a very clever boy to unwrap your presents so carefully. Plenty of pressies, eatins and sleepins – sounds like the perfect Christmas to me! x

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