Me Letta to Santy Pawz

Dear Santy Pawz,Last yeer you did bring me the prezent that I woz longing for,a family and foreva home to call me own and I woz so happy.I didz getz a wonderful new mommy and daddy and a sisfur Ele. I duzn’t fink you will be able to betta that this year but I did fink I’z write to you henywayz as I duz wont sum nice fings for Ele and me.

2015-03-05 17.35.32

Az I haz been a very good boy thiz year……well except wen I did’z accidently eat me daddy’z bisgits. In me defense me mommy didz sayz that it wozn’t me fault that me daddy didz leeve them out.When I didz go’z to lye down on me bed the bisgitz did accidently fall into me mouf and I didz eat them all hup! but it woz an accident honist!

Henyway Ele and me’z haz dun a list for you of the fingz we would like pleeze

1.A new squeekin toyz az Ele duz kill me fluffy duck hextra quik

2.Sum more bisgitz…we duz luv bonioz lotz! or you’z cud hencoridge me daddy to be hextra silly and leeve hiz bisgitz out agen!

3.Plenty of eatinz fingz like terkey and sausidgis and stuff coz theyz yummyz. I duz luv me eatinz…I’z a growin lad you knowz!

4.Sum new blankits for me bed for when it duz go cold but I hopez it duz’t!

5.Just in case I forgetz….lotz of eatins fingz as them iz me favorit.

I duz hope you can bring these fings for Ele and me.I haz asked me mommy to leeve you a minze pye and a carrit for your raindeerz. I will do me bestest not to eat your minze pye but they duz smell taysty and I might needz to just check itz okayz for you wiv me teefs!

2015-11-22 12.51.08

Mostest of allz the fing we most want for Chrismas iz for me frends at Daybreaks to find their new foreva homes. I finks every greyhound shud be henjoyin there retiremint likez me and Ele duz. I knowz me aunti Rooth and aunti Kayte wiv all the uvva supa volunteer helpers will takez grate care of me frendz until thenz

Fank you’z Santy luvz from Paddy and Ele xx




3 thoughts on “Me Letta to Santy Pawz

  1. Paddy I bet Santy Pawz will bring you all the things you are hoping for, because you are a very good boy – just try not to eat any more of your daddy’s biscuits though!! All your pals at Daybreaks wish you a merry christmas too, and we all look forward to reading some more of your adventures next year. xx

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