A Christmas Story

One cold moonlit Christmas Eve Santa was very active getting his sleigh ready for his busiest night of the year. The sleigh was full to bursting with lots of wonderful things for the children,it would be hard work for the reindeer’s to pull such a heavy load but pull it they must for Santa could not disappoint anyone at Christmas.santa-s-sleigh-silhouette

It was midnight and with a big huff and puff Santa set off on his way,the sleigh bumped along and then rose into the starlit sky high above the ground with the reindeer’s pulling with all their might. Ho ho said Santa to his elves as their epic journey began “I’m sure this cargo of toys and gifts gets bigger every year!” Things were going well when suddenly poor Rudolph at the front began to tire and his nose lost its glow! This was a problem for Santa as Rudolph’s nose helped Santa to navigate on his long journey. “It’s no good Santa,we must land and give the reindeer’s a rest” said the elves.

Unsure of his exact location Santa had no choice but to land and as the sleigh descended he saw some bright lights on the ground. As the sleigh landed on the ground next to a house there was a grassy area so the reindeer’s could rest. “Whatever shall we do Santa,if we don’t carry on the children will not get their toys before sunrise”said the elves worryingly. This was serious and Santa had to stop and think hard. As he was thinking he glanced up and saw a sign…the sign said Daybreaks Kennels.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 at 17.16.23

In an instance Santa knew what to do. “Quickly” he said to the elves…”follow me!” and they crept up the driveway. As Santa approached the gates to Daybreaks he muttered a magic spell and the gates opened all by themselves. They went inside and were greeted by happy hounds. Santa explained the problem and asked if the greyhounds would help. “Yes we would be very happy to help you Santa said Roger” and he got all the hounds together. “this will need another touch of magic” said Santa and he began to mutter another magic spell!…..this spell had some strange results as slowly the greyhounds began to get lighter and lighter until slowly they began to rise off the ground. “I’m floating I’m floating!” said Saffy rather nervously.”You’ll be fine” said Rose. “Loooook at meeee” said Heath as he was now as high as the roof! Soon all the elves had the hounds harnessed in front of the reindeer’s ready to help pull Santa on his mission.”I need a black boy at the front said Santa,as his coat will shine in the moonlight and help me navigate” “I’m the one for that job Santa”said Billy. Soon they were all ready!”now run like you used to at the track” said Santa.The greyhounds all pulled and the reindeer’s pulled and soon the sleigh shot into the sky.It was a glorious sight to see as there was Eoin and Saffy then Poppy and Skye then Roger with Rose and Val,Heath and Belle all pulling with the reindeer’s. Right at the front was proud Billy his glossy black coat shining away in the moonlight guiding Santa along.

Soon all the presents were delivered and a grateful Santa landed back on the ground next to Daybreaks kennels. The greyhounds were returned to their kennels and they all curled up in their beds…tired but happy to have helped Santa complete his deliveries.

Christmas morning and the gates of Daybreaks opened to happy Christmas voices and the greyhounds all woke. Had it been a dream the night before they thought but there in each greyhound’s stocking was a present from Santa as a thank you.

Before long Auntie Kate and Auntie Ruth could be heard saying…”This is strange..it looks like the kennel beds haven’t been slept in last night!” Billy just winked and yawned…maybe it wasn’t a dream then after all!


Merry Christmas Everyone xx


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Story

  1. This was the most AMAZING Christmas story. I have read it to my husband and grandchildren and they all loved it. Loved the special mentions for all the Daybreaks hounds. Have a fabulous Christmas Paddy and Ele and also your hoomans too. xx

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